The private residence of the president of South Af

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The private residence in Zuma's hometown

South African President Zuma

the South African ombudsman released an investigation report on the 19th, concluding that the private residence of President Jacob Zuma in his hometown was over renovated, costing about $23million in public finance, far exceeding the standard required for security upgrading. The report found that Zuma was responsible for the "acquiescence" of this luxury decoration and asked him to repay part of the renovation costs unrelated to the security upgrade. When South African media first reported the security upgrade plan of this private house in 2009, the reconstruction project budget was about $6.1 million, but after the project started, the expenditure gradually got out of control, and the final bill increased to $23million

South Africa is scheduled to hold presidential elections on May 7, and Zuma, who belongs to the ruling African National Congress (ANC), will seek re-election. Reuters commented that the Ombudsman released his investigation report less than two months before the election, which may have a certain impact on the election of Zuma and the ANC. (Xinhua)

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