68 pingxiaoju can also be so comfortable and warm,

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The light yellow dining room color, the azure kitchen color, the light green study color, a functional area, a color, a color brings people a happy mood. Idyllic style small house allows you to enjoy quiet and elegant beauty in the noisy city. Now go to enjoy the decoration effect drawing of two rooms and one living room of the owner's home of Hongfa century city with Xiaobian. How did the designer make the 68 square meter house so warm

style analysis: rural style refers to a way of decoration with building materials with "rural" style. Simply put, it is a work or school that takes the unique natural characteristics of fields and gardens as the formal means, has a certain degree of rural life or rural art characteristics, and shows the content of natural leisure

decoration files: Decoration community: Hongfa Century City (more decoration effect pictures of Hongfa Century City) decoration company: yijiaxin decoration house type: two rooms and one living room decoration method: all inclusive decoration style: pastoral style contract amount: 80000

light yellow has the warmth of bright sunshine and the fragrance of fruit. In the picture, the living room of this idyllic home is mainly bright yellow, and the space is filled with warmth and a faint sense of happiness, which improves the comfort of life. The bright red corner fabric sofa is gorgeous. Its decoration and decoration instantly break the monotony of space color, and its small and exquisite shape plays a role in saving space without losing comfort. The solid wood dining tables and chairs beside the sofa are simple and natural, and the simple shelf on the background wall is just right for placing tea cups

the kitchen space is small, but it doesn't make people feel crowded and depressed. The azure background wall gives people a pleasing visual impression, which has become the color highlight of this decoration picture, and alleviates the tension of small space at the same time. With white exquisite small cabinets, it has the pure and fresh beauty of Mediterranean style, and also has the natural comfort of pastoral style, which is very good

I didn't expect such a comfortable study in such a small living environment. In the decoration picture, the desk is placed against the window in the shape of a corner. With its simple structure, there is no problem for the small area to accommodate two people. The walls of the study are mainly light green, and the fresh colors Glow people's happy mood, creating a very comfortable reading space. Another corner in the study is occupied by a group of white bookshelves, which are simple in shape but have powerful storage functions, beautiful and practical

[introduction to Hongfa century city community]

Hongfa Century City, located at the intersection of Jiangxia Avenue and century square, is located in the center of the city. It is a high-end building with the largest scale and the most complete supporting facilities in Jiangxia Zhifang urban area at present. The project covers a total area of 180 mu, with a total construction area of 460000 square meters. It is developed in three phases. It is composed of residential, commercial, five-star hotels, bilingual kindergartens, community clubs, etc. the building is 22-32 floors high-rise, with 3500 households. It is the first 10000 person community in Jiangxia

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