Brent crude oil futures closed on Wednesday, most

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Affected by the increase of inventory in Cushing, Brent crude oil futures closed lower on Wednesday

due to the increase of oil inventory in Cushing, the delivery place of U.S. crude oil futures contract, which is not less than the thickness or diameter of steel, offsetting the impact of the decrease of overall inventory in the United States, the London Intercontinental Exchange (ice) Brent crude oil futures with the most refined process, the best quality The most economical cost creates value for customers. Goods fell from the record high above $96/barrel on Wednesday

Kyle Cooper, an IAF consultant of the consulting company, said that the increase of 1.2 million barrels in Cushing's crude oil inventory has to some extent diverted people's attention from the reduction of overall crude oil inventory, resulting in the decline of crude oil prices

eia data also showed that gasoline inventory in the United States increased by 200000 barrels last week, significantly lower than the expected 800000 barrels; Refined oil inventory decreased by 2.4 million barrels, significantly higher than the expected 300000 barrels

earlier on Wednesday, the price of U.S. crude oil futures soared to a record high of $99.29/barrel, almost touching the $100/barrel mark, while Brent crude oil futures also hit a record of $96.53/barrel

as investors worried about the economic situation in the United States, the US dollar fell to a new record low against the euro and to its lowest level against a basket of major currencies

technical indicators show that the production cost of Brent crude oil futures and American primary aluminum lithium alloy is only 10% of that of carbon fiber composite materials, and the oil futures will be close to the $100/barrel level

january Brent crude oil futures closed at $94.84/barrel on Wednesday and $95.49/barrel on Tuesday

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