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The breakthrough of LCD glass substrate group has emerged, which urgently needs the support of Zhengzhou government. Henan is not only the most important birthplace of Chinese civilization and the Chinese nation, but also the intersection of three horizontal and five vertical railway networks. Henan Province is located in the center of the national railway. The national railway trunk lines Jingguang, Longhai, Jingjiu, Ningxi, Jiaozhi, Jiaoxin, Xinhe, Houyue, Mengbao, Xinmi and other branch lines meet in the territory. "It is precisely because of the superior geographical location of Zhengzhou that we chose to develop the LCD glass substrate industry here." Lizhaoting, chairman of Zhengzhou Xufei Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., said in an interview

it is found in the interview that the cities that have built or intend to build the LCD glass substrate project include Xianyang, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and Chengdu, which are geographically superior and relatively concentrated in the electronic information industry. However, some experts said that some local governments' investment was relatively blind and did not achieve the concentration of advantageous resources and the integration of upstream and downstream industrial chains. In order to develop and expand the liquid crystal industry in Chinese Mainland, we must unify and coordinate the advantageous resources. We should not only concentrate the outstanding talents of the liquid crystal glass substrate, but also the outstanding talents of the liquid crystal industry chain. The product is processed by single 1 polymer. Only in this way, it is very difficult to regenerate and process, and it is expected to develop and expand the liquid crystal industry in China in a short time

a concentrated investment atmosphere has been formed

liquid crystal glass substrate

as the main upstream material of TFT-LCD (liquid crystal panel), liquid crystal glass substrate is a typical capital and technology intensive industry from the perspective of industrial characteristics, with obvious scale effect, and the threshold for entry and exit is high. However, by seizing the opportunity of the transformation of the television industry, a few enterprises such as Corning, Asahi nitko and Nippon electric nitko set foot in the LCD industry in advance and firmly grasped the voice in the field of LCD glass substrates

with the overall recovery of the LCD industry, more and more enterprises want to enter this field, and all kinds of capital are converging in this area. On June 25, Zhengzhou Xufei optoelectronic technology liquid crystal glass substrate project officially laid the foundation in Zhengzhou. The total investment in phase I of the project is 900million yuan. A 5th generation liquid crystal glass substrate production line will be built, with an annual design production capacity of 550000 pieces. It is planned to be officially put into operation on may9,2010. It is revealed that in the future, phase II project will be started in due time according to the construction of phase I, and two production lines of the 5th generation LCD glass substrate will be built to form large-scale production. In an exclusive interview, Li Zhaoting said that Zhengzhou is located in the Central Plains and has a superior geographical location, so it will be very convenient to export products in the future

we know that geographical location has become one of the important factors for enterprises to choose investment. Shortly before the official foundation laying of Zhengzhou Xufei liquid crystal glass substrate project, China Building Materials Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "China Building Materials Group") officially signed the Chengdu Project of liquid crystal glass substrate, and three 0.5mm liquid crystal glass substrate production lines with a total investment of 2.7 billion yuan were settled in Chengdu high tech Zone. The reason why China Building Materials Group has set up the LCD glass substrate factory in Chengdu is mainly because it can be matched with the LCD panel factory project under construction in Chengdu. In the future, the factory can form an upstream and downstream supporting relationship with two generation 4.5 LCD panel lines of BOE company and shentianma company in Chengdu high tech Zone, with the price of 1kg ABS plastic filament at $50 (6) 0

so far, four enterprises in Chinese Mainland, including shenchao optoelectronics, rainbow, Xufei and China Building Materials Group, have invested in the upstream glass substrate project of LCD panels. From the perspective of geographical location, shenchao optoelectronics settled in the Pearl River Delta, Caihong settled in Xianyang and Zhangjiagang, Xufei settled in Zhengzhou, and China building materials group settled in Chengdu, all of which coincidentally chose places where the electronic information industry is relatively concentrated

there is still a big gap with Corning

liquid crystal glass substrate production workshop

although enterprises in Chinese Mainland have started the liquid crystal glass substrate project one after another, compared with American Corning, an established manufacturer in this field, enterprises in Chinese Mainland are not only about 5 years behind in the generation of glass substrate production lines, but also have a big gap in technology even for glass substrate production lines of the same size

it is learned that recently, with a total investment of 1.7 billion yuan, three 5th generation LCD glass substrate production lines have been built, and the rainbow phase II project with an annual design production capacity of 2.21 million square meters (1.542 million pieces of products) has officially started. After the completion of phase II project, rainbow will have four fifth generation glass substrate production lines, and the annual production capacity of glass substrates will increase from 514000 to 2056000. However, insiders told us that at present, the yield rate of rainbow's 5th generation line in Xianyang is only about 30%. Although it once reached 50%, it is mainly concentrated on small sizes, and the yield rate of large-size glass substrates has not been high. Similarly, shenchao optoelectronics, which had been highly popular before, was also silent

when we were still hesitating on the 5th generation glass substrate production line, we looked back at the pace of Corning: Corning had signed a supply agreement with sharp as early as 2006, thus becoming the most important supplier of glass substrates for Sharp's 8th generation line factory; In 2007, Corning built 2160mm in Taiwan × 2460mm LCD glass substrate production line. In the same year, Corning built a 10th generation line glass substrate production plant in Japan with sharp, with a size of 2850mm × 3050mm; In 2008, Corning increased its investment in China's LCD glass substrate industry. Among them, the event that had the greatest impact on the Chinese Mainland market was that on March 27 last year, Corning incorporated of the United States established the first liquid crystal glass substrate factory in Chinese Mainland, mainly to supply liquid crystal panel manufacturers emerging in the Chinese Mainland market

"it is worth exploring a way for Corning to cooperate with panel manufacturers in the LCD glass substrate industry. Mainland enterprises rarely make joint investment with downstream manufacturers. Compared with Chinese Mainland enterprises, the risk of this approach is obviously much greater." Tianyingliang, an associate professor of the school of materials at Beijing University of technology, told me

compared with enterprises in Chinese Mainland, Corning chose to invest in LCD glass 1 Sample preparation: according to the preparation requirements of the experiment in the standard, the substrate industry knows more about the "win-win" strategy, which also makes many local governments willing to introduce enterprises such as Corning to settle down. "At present, Longteng optoelectronics' 5th generation line panel manufacturers have settled in Kunshan. We are actively coordinating with Corning to make them settle in Kunshan." Xukunxian, chief of the science and technology quality section of Kunshan Economic and Trade Commission, disclosed the industrial supporting planning of Kunshan Optoelectronic Industrial Park in the future

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