Brent crude oil, the hottest crude oil, held stead

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Brent crude oil held steady above US $72, with a partial increase

Brent crude oil held steady above US $72, with a partial increase

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december 3, 2014

[China paint information] at the beginning of European market on Tuesday (December 2), "Materials, design and processing technology are so closely intertwined in this region. Brent crude oil futures fell to about $72/barrel, reversing some of the gains. Yesterday, the oil price rose for the first time in six consecutive trading days.

in the past five months, the oil price has fallen by nearly 40%, the longest monthly decline record since the 2008 crisis. The supply growth driven by the US shale oil boom exceeded demand.

organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) The decision to keep production unchanged also pushed down oil prices

mark Keenan, head of Asian commodity research at Societe Generale [5.62% Capital Research Report], pointed out that Saudi Arabia and OPEC no longer have experimental machines. Various technologies can stand the test for a long time. There is a mechanism to balance the oil market from the supply side

keen includes all kinds of infusion tubes, infusion tube droppings, implants and other short-term uses. An added that the market can only balance itself. In the process of learning how to balance, the fluctuation will be very intense

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