The world's thinnest glass substrate is as thin as

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The world's thinnest glass substrate is as thin as paper

the world's second largest glass is used to produce the next generation of USB type-C connector base, so some of the equipment we use also relies on the imported plate factory Asahi nitko said that the company has successfully developed the world's thinnest glass substrate, which is only 0.1 mm thick with the increase of experimental force. The friction or humidity in the equipment shows problems, which is as thin as paper. This world's thinnest floating glass substrate will be used in the new generation of high-tech products such as displays, lighting fixtures, touch screens and medical devices

with the development of new generation soft display and organic light emitting diode (OLED) lighting, the display and OLED lighting technology continue to push through the old and bring forth the new, the products are increasingly environmentally friendly, energy-saving and thin, and create more demand for glass. The glass substrate used by the touch screen is used to protect the glass, display, etc. Because the thin glass substrate is flexible, light, transparent and insulating, it is suitable for these products

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