Application of the hottest PAC in slope structure

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Application of PAC in slope structure change monitoring

using the open architecture of wincon-8000 programmable automatic controller Ethernet host and I-7000 series distributed modules, remotely detect the data changes of slope surface soil structure, and collect the changes of soil structure measured by displacement meter, the changes of anchor tension measured by load meter through strain gauge (i-7016) and analog data module (i-7017) The groundwater content measured by the water level gauge and the drainage volume in rainy days, and the sliding volume of each layer measured by the buried tiltmeter, and the data are collected back to the Ethernet host. Since the data collection host must be set up in an outdoor box and face the harsh environment that may be caused by climate change, the size of the host must meet the limitations of the limited space of the box and meet the requirements of power saving and stability

wincon-8000 is an embedded controller of WinCE base, with built-in RISC CPU and real-time operating system. Using the TCP function of wince4.1 and the function of FTP, it can easily play several roles of "alarm server", "file server" and "data log"

once there is an emergency, as a data server, it will send the real-time alarm data back to the central press through the network TCP to the four small press stamping monitoring servers, while the FTP function contained in wincon-8000 plays the role of data logger and file server, collects historical data and regularly sends back the recorded files to the database (SQL Server) of the central monitoring (Data Center) for long-term slope soil structure analysis and observation, Cross compare the abnormal data, strengthen the soil structure improvement project as soon as possible, or send an alarm to inform the relevant units to evacuate

compared with the previous system architecture, the system host only has the function of data acquisition. 3. Temperature rise preventer: it protects the tested object and the experimental box, and cannot implement the function of remote computer. Therefore, it is not a wireless module solution to send the data of the system host back to the central control center server (but it is limited by the terrain constraints, a lot of cost improvements and stability problems), It is to match a computer host on site to transmit data back (the cost increases a lot and the stability problems); Using wince base embedded computers such as wincon-8000 PAC +plc (programmable logic controller) + database (wince SQL), combined with many firmware developed by icpdas R & D Rockwell hardness scale team (the most comprehensive results output by web server, Modbus TCP/RTU server, web HMI, etc.), can significantly reduce the development time of system manufacturers, reduce the cost of solutions, and improve the stability of the overall system architecture, It has been recognized by customers and continues to be adopted

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