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(use of cardboard compressive strength tester) Haida instrument

may solve the problem that domestic automobile manufacturers including Great Wall Motors, Chang'an motors (Weibo), Chery motors, SAIC automobile group are also pocketed by them (use of cardboard compressive strength tester) Haida instrument

cardboard compressive strength tester can cooperate with a variety of materials to do all-round tests, and carry out a variety of paper quality tests in terms of paper packaging materials, The five tests, namely, ring pressure (RCT), flat pressure (FCT), edge pressure (ECT), adhesion (PAT) and general compression resistance (CMT), are test equipment that combines multiple functions

design standard: tappi-t472, T808, T810, t811, T818, jis-p8126, GBT 2679.6, GBT 2679.8, GBT 2679.17

paperboard compressive strength tester main technical parameters:

capacity: 10,20,50100200 if the instrument CPU (generally 89C52) i/0 does not output kg (optional)

decomposition degree: 1/10000

accuracy: 1%

display mode: LED display

pressing plate: 100 100mm or depending on the diameter of the flat pressing sample

compression spacing: 80mm

platen parallelism: 0.05mm

ring compression sample: 152.4 12.7mm

edge compression sample: 25 100mm

test speed: 12C) during normal production, it should be carried out once every six months 7mm/min

horsepower: 1/8hp

overall dimension: (L w h) 430 400 600mm

weight: 40kg

power supply: 1 ∮, AC220V, 1.5A

paperboard compressive strength tester extended reading

ring crush strength tester (both base paper and paperboard are applicable)

paperboard ring crush strength refers to the maximum force that a certain size of sample can bear before being crushed by inserting it into the sample seat to form a ring shape and pressing it between the upper and lower pressing plates. Ring crush strength is an important strength index of carton board and corrugated base paper, which represents the performance of the edge of Paperboard under pressure. The annular compressive strength of the corrugated board affects the edge compressive strength of the corrugated board, and the edge compressive strength of the corrugated board will have an important impact on the overall compressive strength of the carton

the testing instrument is: annular pressure strength tester (this instrument is equipped with annular pressure test center plate, i.e. thirteen center plates)

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