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Application of pet plastics in the field of packaging

Pet plastics are widely used in the field of packaging, whether it is packaging film, coiled material, or beer bottles. But when these materials are discarded, they face the problem of how to deal with them. Through special alloying process, waste PET can be recycled and made into alloy materials blended with other plastics. At the SPE global plastic ring manufacturing instrument small parts, insulating transparent parts and impact resistant parts Annual Conference (GPEC) held in Detroit, alloy materials made of polyethylene and recycled PET were introduced, which attracted attention. At present, three European manufacturers have successfully developed this new alloy material, which is hard, high strength, easy to process and low price

for decades, although there have been reports on such technologies in technical literature, it is only in recent years that such technologies have really been commercialized. At present, erema North America and three European manufacturers have many beneficial conditions for the export of China's extruder industry. Using the vacurema continuous curing reactor of erema, pet is heated and dried in vacuum to restore its specific viscosity, and then extruded and granulated with an exhaust twin-screw extruder with a crystallization dryer

application field of pet/pe alloy

pet/pe alloy has very good properties. Its brittleness is lower than that of pure PET, and it does not need to be dried before processing. In addition, because pet/pe material has high strength, good fluidity and faster cooling speed than HDPE, the molding extrusion time of this material is short and the output is high

spalex S.A., which has been acquired by SP Berner plason SL of Spain, used 5 and 7 layers of PE protective film fragments and pet coiled materials to make alloy materials in the extruder. They squeezed the mixture into monofilaments to make brush hairs. It is said that the performance of this monofilament is comparable to that of nylon, but the price is much lower than that of nylon. Due to the large amount of EVA bonding layer in the coextrusion film fragments, it can be used as the compatibilizer of pet and LDPE

innova packaging system N.V. (i.p.s.) of Belgium first mixed the recycled PET coil with HDPE (75/25) and various additives in the extruder to produce an alloy material, and then molded this alloy material into a gray black transportation tray

the pet/pe alloy molding production line used by i.p.s. company includes ericurema device of ereman, crystallization dryer, extruder and injection molding machine. In this production line, the temperature of pet flowing out of the curing machine is 392 ° F, and then it enters the extruder with the temperature of 450 ° f (the processing temperature of pet sample clamping length is shorter). At the same time, PE and compatibilizer are added to the extruder, and finally the molten material is sent to the injection machine to form a plastic tray. It is said that the price of this plastic tray is similar to that of products made of wood. The selling price of pet/pe pallets of the company is 6 ~ 8 euros, while the price of wooden pallets is 5 euros

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