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Application of PDM in Schlumberger Xiqing product center

Li Jianzhong, manager of information management department of Schlumberger Tianjin oil production machinery Co., Ltd.

Schlumberger is the world's largest oilfield service provider, headquartered in Houston, the United States and Paris, France. The company has more than 80000 employees in all players and has business activities and branches in more than 100 countries. Since its establishment, it has taken exploration and logging as its main business, Over the past decades, the company has acquired more than 20 enterprises, most of which are concentrated in the field of oilfield services, but some are information technology and network technology companies. As we all know, Schlumberger code was once a subsidiary of Schlumberger. Next, let's introduce the situation of Schlumberger Xiqing product center, which is an all foreign-funded enterprise registered in Tianjin Xiqing Economic Development Zone in March 2006. It is a mechanical equipment manufacturing network enterprise of China National Petroleum Corporation and China National Petroleum Corporation. Its predecessor is an excellent private enterprise, which is famous in the domestic submersible pump and oilfield complete equipment industry. Schlumberger established today's Xiqing product center on this basis. The company has more than 200 employees and more than 30 technicians, who have rich experience in the design and manufacture of submersible pumps

Figure 1 Schlumberger Xiqing production center

in order to integrate with other product centers of the group, the headquarters requires Xiqing product center to complete the implementation of PDM and ERP systems in the first half of 2007. So at the beginning of the establishment of the center, we did a lot of research work for the implementation of PDM. The company before the acquisition also has a perfect drawing and document management system, which is a management system based on the idea of manual management and the use of modern computer technology and general office software. However, in the new situation, the center is required to establish a set of drawing and document management software system based on the idea of modern information management, which can not only inherit the original successful experience, but also seamlessly integrate with the current ERP. The group has successfully used PDM software worldwide, but the system is based on an English software platform. In order to better promote the localization process of the company, it decided to use a Chinese software platform in Xiqing products, which can greatly improve the work efficiency of the center's technical R & D personnel. For the above reasons, we are looking for a partner in China to provide Chinese PDM software system. After investigating several domestic PDM software companies, two system suppliers that are more suitable for the needs of the center were selected. In the process of model selection, we made a detailed comparison between the two companies in terms of the geographical location of the headquarters, the size of the company, the service team, the module, the concurrency mode, the concurrency quantity, the requirements of server software and hardware, the requirements of terminal software and hardware, the interface affinity, the team development ability, the customer's evaluation, the implementation price, the maintenance cost, and the estimated online time of the two companies, And visited some of their software users. After a comprehensive evaluation, the PDM software system supplier of acost was finally selected

the two sides signed an implementation agreement at the end of 2006. On January 1st, 2007, we launched ERP and PDM software implementation projects at the same time

Figure 2 design data management process view

in the process of project implementation, our team encountered several difficulties:

· time is urgent: the implementation team must finish all projects before June, including ERP, PDM and interfaces

· to control the cost of implementation, it is required to maximize the implementation effect within the budget

· due to different user bases, employees in various positions cannot make major adjustments to ensure the stability of the staff team

· high requirements for interfaces to achieve automation, stability, efficiency and reliability

· we need to overcome the impact of the Chinese platform and achieve unity with the group's global centers

the implementation team has a large workload, taking into account the implementation of ERP, PDM, interface and hardware

Figure 3 design data management process view

during the project implementation process, we carried out data collation, data import, personnel training, system launch, interface development, customization and other work, and finally ensured the success of the official launch of ERP on April 10, 2007, the success of the launch of PDM system on May 24, and the success of the launch of ERP and PDM synchronous interface system on June 4. The successful implementation of the project is based on the strong support of our leaders, the mutual cooperation and support of the project team members of both sides, and the sweat and hard work of all project participants

since it was launched in May, it has taken half a year. With the cooperation of consultants, we have overcome some difficulties in actual operation and use, so that our drawing and document management system has been reformed and deepened, the work efficiency of technicians has been improved, the drawing and document management system has been further refined, and the technology development and management have been greatly improved in the connection with the market and market response. The specific performance is in the following aspects:

· the formation of a process system approval process. What is unimaginable is the work mode, which eliminates the steps of technicians waiting for approval

· the use of collateral countersignature improves the efficiency of countersignature

· the use of electronic mail and the regular holding of eco meetings have ended the history of manual distribution of technical documents

· the original number retrieval system is replaced by the system's automatic number retrieval, completely eliminating the phenomenon of duplicate and wrong numbers

· the system automatically connects and builds BOMs according to requirements, instead of manually preparing BOMs

· according to the work requirements, automatically search and display drawings and BOM in the system, and improve the transformation of the coal-fired furnace of the plastic granulator system has become an important issue to be solved urgently, which improves the office efficiency

· system records provide a reliable basis for employee performance evaluation

· the synchronous interface system automatically transmits data to the ERP system, and the workflow between the technical department and other departments has been improved

· now technicians can focus more on the research and development of new products, the innovation of new technologies and the training of professional knowledge

up to now, 13978 part numbers, 6213 BOM structures, 4581 drawings and more than 420 eco have been recorded and managed in PDM

the successful launch and use of PDM has created conditions for the informatization of the product center in other fields, also pointed out the direction for the further improvement of the work of the engineering department, and brought a far-reaching impact on the development of the center:

further improve the means and methods of enterprise management

improve the production efficiency of the enterprise and effectively increase the output value, Reduced various costs

· laid the foundation for enterprises to further implement information management

Figure 4 thank you letter to Exeter

we have just taken the first step on the road of informatization of the center, and there are still a lot of work to be completed. We will continue to establish OA management system, SCM, CRM, PLM and other system management software based on ERP and PDM systems, and build Bi on this basis, or develop some deeper data analysis software by ourselves. Some professional technical software will also be implemented and applied in combination with ERP and PDM systems. In order to finally realize the management informatization of the product center and integrate it into Schlumberger's global management information system. (end)

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