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Application of PDM in China Gas Turbine Research Institute

China Gas Turbine Research Institute completed the first phase of PDM Project in 2006, and the implementation has basically reached the highest level in the world. According to its own scientific research needs, the main work completed includes personnel organization structure management, authority management, product design data management, design data version control, process management, secondary development, packaging and integration of related software, etc. The successful implementation of the first phase of the project has led to the rapid development of the relevant businesses of our institute and effectively ensured the smooth progress of scientific research and production. In order to further promote the construction of digital design and data management platform and promote the continuous improvement of design management level, our institute decided to carry out the implementation of PDM phase II project, deepen the application of the system on the basis of phase I, and expand the implementation scope to Jiangyou Institute

implementation process of PDM phase II

the implementation of PDM phase II project lasted half a year from the establishment of the project team in March 2007 to the official launch of the system in July. It went through the following stages:

1 project launch

in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, we first established the standardization The PDM phase II project implementation team composed of archives and relevant engineers from the PLM Department of Siemens PLM Software Company supports the implementation of the project throughout the process

2 demand analysis

due to the unique nature and regional characteristics of our hospital, the research work of the whole project is particularly important. In order to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the demand research, the project team conducted a detailed demand research on various departments in the hospital on configuration management, technical document management, organization authority management, process management, change management, standard parts common parts management, Jiangyou drawing document management, Jiangyou test engineering document management, remote collaborative management, PDM deepening application, NX promotion and deepening application, digital prototype and other contents

during the investigation, through the detailed communication and discussion between the project team and the user representatives of various departments, it is understood that the major problems that perplex the application of PDM in our hospital at present are configuration management, change management, the rapid use of common parts and standard parts, and the use of PDM in both places

3 detailed scheme design

on the basis of clear requirements, the project team finally determined the detailed system design scheme through many discussions and induction, and passed the detailed scheme design review organized by our institute. For several key modules, the project team conducted a detailed analysis

(1) configuration management

our hospital adopts the "latest effective" method to control the effectiveness of the version; It can be applied locally. The "precise version" mechanism controls the version validity of some parts and components, and cooperates with the "snapshot" technology to solidify the technical status baseline

stage identification: stage identification is customized in the system according to the requirements of demand analysis. From the perspective of baseline control of technical status, sub stages can also be subdivided to meet user needs

technical status baseline management: for drawing documents, "snapshot" and phase identification are used to jointly control the technical status baseline

(2) change management

change adopts the cmii module of Teamcenter, and the change management is only for the data management of item type engchange. After secondary development, the system provides the function of creating a change notice according to the change. The user manually fills in the change document number, change document name, change reason, change type and other information, and initiates the process of change notice to complete the change management function

(3) management of common parts and standard parts

the management of standard parts and general parts adopts the methods of "classification" and "in class", which can avoid the inconvenient problem of searching when managing general parts and standard parts with folders. The user's work of this method is divided into two parts: as a manager, he is responsible for establishing and maintaining the standard parts and common parts system, as a designer, he is responsible for modeling the standard parts and common parts, submitting the design model to the standardization department after the design is completed, and the personnel of the standardization department are responsible for the transformation

(4) remote collaboration

in order to promote the process in different places and facilitate the work of personnel in both places, the project team adopts the principle of one database in two places and storing data in two places respectively, so as to achieve the single point login of users in both places in form, so as to ensure the driving of the process. At the same time, in order to improve the speed of data access, the project team considers that the data is accessed locally, that is, the users in both places, except for verifying the user's identity when logging in, other operations are the same as those used locally, It solves the bottleneck caused by bandwidth

4 secondary development

as the PDM phase II project involves a large number of secondary development, in order to improve the secondary development level of our business personnel, we specially sent people to carry out the secondary development of PDM phase II together with the developers of Party B, and completed the development work such as attribute table, template file and application drawing number process

5 system construction and system training

(1) construction of test system environment

the members of the project team worked together and painstakingly. After three weeks of efforts, they successfully built the PDM phase II test system in UNIX environment. The main work includes installing and debugging the Oracle database based on UNIX environment, Teamcenter system, web server under Windows environment, customizing the organizational structure, business rules, processes, permissions, template attributes, classification management module, modifying the secondary development program of the whole system, etc

(2) system test

after the test system was successfully built, in order to ensure its normal operation, the members of the PDM project team first spent a few days on the integration test of various functions in the system to solve the exposed problems in a timely manner, and then invited professionals from various departments to conduct UAT tests for different modules and functions, and answered and solved their problems and needs in a timely manner, ensuring the success of the system test

(3) construction of formal system environment

on the basis of testing the system, the project team carried out the formal system dual machine installation and commissioning, and carried out system customization and data migration in the new system, ensuring that the transplanted system did not have the phenomenon of data loss

(4) system training

the system was officially launched on July 23. In order to ensure that each user can use the new system normally, the project team updated and installed all clients, and targeted at the electronic approval signature of item object model, new electronic approval process, CM module, BOM structured output, classification module application, baseline management, number application, document cancellation New functions such as remote collaborative management have provided online training for relevant users

the benefits brought by the implementation of PDM system

1 provide shared resources that can be used efficiently

the original data borrowing system has not adapted to the development of CAD technology. The problems of information transmission and data sharing must be solved so that designers can make full use of the original design results, standardize and serialize products, reduce design and processing costs, and improve competitiveness. Therefore, we start with basic products, sort out the original product resources and store them in the PDM product database, so that the existing product resources of our institute can be effectively managed

the product database realizes data sharing, which enables the data to be exchanged on the computer network in the form of electronic files, ensuring that the data can be sent to the people who need it at any time within the scope of authority control. PDM database collects quite a lot of technical resources, avoids the repeated design of parts, and brings great benefits to the reuse of design resources and cost reduction. At the same time, the multiple query functions of PDM system can easily and quickly find the required drawings and technical documents, fully meet the needs of technicians for rapid data query, provide reliable design reference for designers, and save a lot of valuable time

2 solve the problem of inconsistency between electronic documents and paper documents

through the application of CAD technology, designers are liberated from manual drawing. With the production of a large number of electronic drawings, many versions of electronic drawings on personal computers are inconsistent with the base map of the reference room, and the inconsistency between electronic documents and the base map of the storage caused by the modification of the base map of the storage, which makes it impossible to identify. PDM system solves the problem of version management of electronic documents. At the same time, it adopts strong change control and management, and takes necessary mandatory means from the system and management links to ensure the consistency between the electronic documents in PDM database and the paper documents archived in the reference room. All drawings and technical documents must be printed and output by personnel with output authority in PDM system, which fundamentally ensures the uniqueness of drawings

3 NX based concurrent design

our institute has the ability to design 3D products based on NX. In the traditional working mode, the overall structure department cannot understand the process of product refinement and assembly in real time, and the component models between various disciplines cannot be coordinated in real time. In order to speed up the design of digital products, a digital prototype is quickly established. We started 3D modeling in the scheme design and technical design stages to realize real 3D design and reduce the workload in the engineering design stage. In the scheme design and technical design stages, real-time top-down design is carried out under the support of Teamcenter and NX system

within the PDM system, the overall group generates the items of the first level components, the chief designers of each discipline generate the items of the next level components, and the professional designers complete the item generation of the components they are responsible for, and use the conversion control function to distribute data. Through parameterization and wave, the refinement and assembly are carried out in the system to ensure that the overall group designer can understand the process of product refinement and assembly in real time, understand the status of product design in real time, and realize top-down concurrent design

4 the role of NX in engineering design in PDM system

using NX software integrated in PDM system, we completed the design of 3D solid modeling and 2D engineering drawings of all parts in charge of each discipline, generated 2D engineering drawings with 3D solid projection, completed the virtual assembly of various components, vividly described the relationship between parts and components, and conducted interference inspection. The parametric modeling of parts makes it more convenient to modify, and the engineering drawing corresponding to the change of part solid model can be updated automatically, which improves the design efficiency

using PDM system, all parts data are stored on the server, which is easy to find and use. The unit model based on professional assembly is built, and the digital prototype based on real data is established

the preview function of PDM system is used to create preview files for components, which can view the shape of components with relatively less system resources

5 BOM automatic summary

pdm system provides an interactive custom table tool, which can generate complex statistical tables and provide a variety of statistics, summary and expansion methods. Using this BOM automatic summary function avoids the trouble of manually entering data and then processing it by computer. The BOM summary function in PDM system can automatically generate the BOM meeting the requirements of our institute directly from the product structure, which is convenient, fast and accurate. BOM is automatically generated, which greatly reduces the workload of the designer in charge and avoids the error prone phenomenon of manual input

at the same time, the PDM system can automatically generate an assembly structure tree for assembly parts according to the assembly relationship of parts and components. 1. High quality parts

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