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Application of PCC mixing equipment and recycling system in film production

film is an important application field of plastics. According to incomplete statistics, the output of plastic film in China has accounted for more than 20% of the total output of plastic products in the country, and it is one of the categories in which the output of plastic products has increased rapidly. With the continuous growth of the demand for plastic film in the fields of packaging, agriculture and so on, it is expected that the demand for plastic film in China will increase at a rate of more than 9% every year, and its market prospect is very broad

in the whole processing application system, the metering mixing equipment and the weighing hopper for multi-layer coextrusion and extrusion control are the most core parts, and the automatic recycling equipment is the best supplement to the system. In today's high price of raw materials, recycling is particularly important in order to avoid the waste of raw materials and the secondary pollution of waste recycling

advantages of PCC metering mixing equipment

in order to meet the functional requirements of film, the addition of various additives has become a necessity in today's plastic film production. In most cases, additives will be added in the form of masterbatch or premixed special material granulation. The pellet has good plasticizing performance, and it is relatively easy to measure the feeding and mixing. In terms of the metering and mixing equipment of pellets, the batch weighting and continuous weight loss mixing equipment of PCC has always maintained the highest accuracy in the industry; However, in some special cases (in order to avoid the performance degradation and cost increase caused by secondary granulation, etc.), some customers will require that the powder and liquid, together with the pellets, be added to the film extruder at the same time. In order to meet these special needs, PCC company has specially developed a special metering feeding and mixing device for powder and liquid. In the weight increasing and weight-loss mixing equipment, the metering feeding and mixing of granular materials, powder and liquid can be carried out according to the requirements of customers. According to the different fluidity, shape regularity and viscosity of various raw materials, the design of metering feeding and mixing equipment will be greatly different, so as to truly meet the personalized needs of customers

in the processing and application of plastic film, weight increasing and weight-loss gravity mixing equipment have their own advantages, and film manufacturers can choose according to their own needs. The weight increasing mixing equipment has low investment and can also meet the requirements of precision and output in most applications, which has been favored by a considerable number of domestic enterprises; In general, weight-loss mixing equipment is more likely to attract the attention of customers with high production or higher mixing accuracy. When the components increase and the output is very high, compared with the batch weight-added mixing equipment, the continuous weight-loss mixing equipment will undoubtedly use less space to meet the production requirements. In addition, at this time, the independent discharge port of each component in the weight-loss mixer also makes the rapid refueling in production easier. As we all know, regardless of the subsequent processes such as stretching, there are mainly two molding methods for film processing in the extrusion process: casting method (flat film method) and blowing method (tube film method). For blow molding, we generally prefer to recommend our G oil source uardian series batch weight mixing system for saving user investment; For customers who require higher accuracy in the case of high production, our X series continuous gravity mixing system can provide you with the highest measurement accuracy and mixing uniformity in the current market

in order to meet the barrier requirements of packaging, the multi-layer coextrusion technology of film has developed rapidly. In the multi-layer film structure, each layer is endowed with corresponding properties, which are generally called substrate layer, bonding layer and barrier layer. Five layer film has been more common. Due to the more reasonable structure and better barrier property, seven to nine layer film is about to face high-speed development in our country. There will always be price differences in each layer of multi-layer coextrusion. In high barrier films, this difference is undoubtedly more obvious. Therefore, how to control the thickness of high priced barrier layers and the thickness ratio between the layers of the whole multilayer film, so as to ensure the high barrier of the film, control the amount of high priced raw materials, and obtain the ideal multilayer structure, has become an important topic. PCC's multi-layer coextrusion control system based on dynamic weight loss measurement technology is a fruitful solution to this problem in the market at present. In the field of film production line, PCC's leading design concepts such as independent metering control, continuous mixing and independent weighing make PCC's continuous weight loss feeding system have great advantages in metering accuracy, mixing uniformity and control accuracy. (some methods only measure and do not control the main material, so it is difficult to ensure the proportion required by the formula; others only measure and control according to the proportion, and do not mix, so the mixing uniformity depends on the mixing performance of the extruder; some methods do not set an independent weighing hopper to independently weigh the feeding speed that finally enters the extruder, and only rely on the conversion of the feeding speed of a component to control the screw speed of the extruder. This kind of In this case, it is difficult to ensure the accurate control of extrusion volume)

advantages of ASR automatic recycling system

as mentioned above, ASR automatic recycling system is of great significance to ensure film quality and reduce costs. In the film production process, the ASR automatic material recovery system automatically recovers the waste and scrap produced in the production without investing in the rest of the re granulation equipment, which avoids the pollution caused by the material in the transportation process, also avoids the reheating and melting of the raw material, maintains the original performance of the material, ensures the inherent performance of the product in the recycling application, and improves the quality of the product. The recycling of waste materials and leftover materials reduces the waste of raw materials, greatly improves the yield of products in the whole production process, and finally obtains the maximum profit and realizes the maximum return for production investment

a complete set of ASR system is composed of several parts. The edge material removal device transfers the ribbon edge material from the extruder production line to the film crusher; In the film crusher, the film roll and/or loose waste can also be added. The crusher breaks the waste and transfers it to the internal hopper of the re feeder; The re feeder is metered and fed into the extruder according to a certain ratio of waste to raw materials. For the production line equipped with gravitrol gravity extrusion control system, the crushed material can be gravity controlled through gravifluf system, so as to comprehensively control the extruder speed. In China, this system has also been successfully applied in CPP, BOPET, BOPP production lines of many large film enterprises, which only need to spray a layer of varnish and blow film, bringing obvious benefits to customers

application of gravity mixing system in zaoli industry if the signal is 16V, the maximum current actually provided by this gear is 30/16=1.875a. The great contribution to the film industry of full-color plastic 3D printing material launched by plastic thin shapeways company is not only reflected in the production process of film, but also in the upstream links of film production, such as the production process of masterbatch and film special materials, Guardian series batch gravity mixing system and X series continuous gravity mixing system also play an important role that cannot be ignored. In the mixing and granulation industry, we generally recommend X series continuous gravity mixing system, mainly because the control of the proportion of each component is particularly critical here, especially in the granulation production process with side feeding, the components do not need to be premixed, and the dynamic measurement accuracy of the weight loss scale is very important for the functional stability of the granulation products. In the granulation industry, the addition of powder and liquid is more common. PCC company has rich practical engineering experience in this field, and continues to innovate, committed to providing users with equipment with better performance in the industry. In the continuous weight-loss gravity mixing system, PCC can provide continuous and accurate measurement of up to 8 components to meet the needs of most customers. However, due to the consideration of initial equipment investment, users often premix several components with similar density and properties, and then add them into their own weight-loss feeders. On the premise that the measurement accuracy requirements of customers can be met, This practice reduces the use of weightless feeders

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