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The role of paint analysis in new house decoration and indoor environmental protection work

the role of paint analysis in new house decoration and indoor environmental protection work

December 10, 2015

[China paint information] whether it's moving to a new house or getting married, new house decoration is a beautiful prelude to new life. With the continuous improvement of people's demand for quality of life, while pursuing higher quality decoration effects, It also pays more attention to the health and environmental protection of the living environment. Whether it is interior wall painting or furniture coloring, it is inseparable from all kinds of coatings. Coatings are an important factor that is directly exposed to the air and has a direct impact on our living environment. Professional coating analysis can accurately give a detailed report on the composition and performance of the coatings, which plays a very important role in the detection and improvement of our living environment

in the indoor environment, the pollution gas in the air mainly comes from all kinds of coatings on the surface of walls and cabinets. It can be said that the composition of coatings determines the health of our living environment. The paint analysis of professional institutions can show the composition and performance of paint to consumers in a more intuitive and popular way. Therefore, paint analysis not only allows consumers to have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of their living environment, but also enables paint products to establish a good image in front of consumers, and plays a certain role in promoting the development and market promotion of paint enterprises

while putting new paint products on the market, many enterprises also publicize the paint analysis report results of the historical products imported from abroad by professional institutions for this production, so that consumers can buy with confidence, and widely listen to the experience and practices of local production, industrial chain extension, deep processing and so on, It also has a good effect on the credibility of product quality and the improvement of brand image. Through professional institutions, enterprises can analyze and test their own paint products, which can not only enable enterprises to have a deeper understanding of products and avoid detours on the road of product improvement and upgrading, but also for the paint market, paint products have been analyzed by professional institutions before they are put on the market, which is a good measure and evaluation for the health of consumers' living environment and saves consumers' testing costs, At the same time, it also provides protection for the health of consumers, and then accuses the paint market of improvement and progress. Erdogan's corrupt demonstrations and protests spread across the country and continue to play a driving role today

reviewing the development of the coating industry over the years, coating analysis plays an important role in the progress of the whole industry, especially in furniture and interior decoration. Coating analysis undertakes the important task of protecting the health of consumers. Shanghai ingel is a professional analysis and testing organization. Since its establishment for more than 20 years, it has made great achievements in the paint analysis business. Therefore, its service scope has spread all over the country and even the world. It carries out analysis and testing for many well-known paint enterprises and promotes the improvement of enterprise products. Not to mention, it also gives a detailed plan for the application of customer enterprise products in furniture and interior decoration, so that the customer enterprise can develop steadily, Ensure the health of consumers' living environment

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