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The use of packaging materials in the dairy industry

paper was born afraid of liquids, but it wanted to tolerate this "enemy", and the hand of science and technology finally made a good partner. This reverse thinking made the roof paper box popular rapidly. The roof carton with excellent fresh-keeping function has won the love of consumers all over the world. At present, the development of automobile, household appliances, lighting and other markets all over the world makes the consumption of modified plastics increase year by year. The industry has used and consumed more than 360billion roof packs every year. In the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR and other developed countries and regions, people attach great importance to the natural nutrients, freshness and taste of milk and fruit juice drinks. Roof packs have become the preferred packaging form for consumers in the milk and fruit juice market. Roof packaging is not only used for packaging fresh milk, fruit juice, but also for more products such as yogurt, tea, and even cereals

the "big house" and "small house" made of paper contain fresh dairy products and fruit juice. This roof type liquid flexible packaging can now compete with glass and plastic packaging. With a thin piece of paper, the "Golden House" is built. International paper industry, the largest producer of paper products in the world, invests heavily in the field of paper technology research, which is expected to bring double the demand space for the vanadium industry every year. It is used for the vigorous development of packaging drinks. The plastic granulator technology using renewable energy and industrial waste heat has a very complex paper structure, which has the functions of blocking the exertion of fragrance, preventing the loss of nutrients, isolating light, and preventing the loss of nutrients. After a long time of market research and technical investigation, and with the continuous maturity and improvement of China's market economy, international paper took the lead in introducing roof packaging products into the Chinese market in 1994. This humble small packaging product has become bigger and bigger in the hands of the international paper industry. Shanghai Guangming, Beijing Sanyuan, Guangzhou Yantang and other important enterprises in the domestic dairy industry have successively cooperated with the international paper industry to jointly develop the roof packaging market. Because the milk drinks packaged in roof type cartons have the advantages of freshness, nutrition and good taste, they are gradually recognized by the majority of consumers. In recent years, based on the continuous improvement of the domestic cold chain system, the roof type fresh-keeping packaging system has accelerated the transformation of new achievements, and the sales volume of the system in the Chinese market has increased significantly

don't think that paper and liquid are "enemies", and paper flexible packaging has many advantages. With its unique design and unique material and structure, the roof carton packaging can prevent the entry and exit of oxygen and water, has good barrier to external light, can maintain the freshness of the milk in the box, and effectively preserve the rich vitamin A and vitamin B in the milk. The production process of cartons has undergone strict quality management and conforms to food hygiene standards. The roof wrapped carton does not contain aluminum and platinum, which is pollution-free to the environment. Its biochemical decomposition characteristics can be decomposed by soil fungi. After being buried for half a year, the weight of the carton can be reduced by 91.8%, most of which are converted into corrosive substances that are helpful to the soil. If the carton is recycled, recycled paper products can be produced

the packaging and printing of the roof box are exquisite, which is suitable for filling high-end products such as fresh milk, fancy milk, yogurt and lactic acid bacteria drinks with high nutritional content and fresh taste. Now, there are nearly 100 kinds of roof carton packaging, which not only changes the traditional dairy packaging, but also improves people's living habits. Continuous innovation makes the roof carton packaging always fresh. Inserting the plastic cover into the top of the roof carton is like opening a "skylight", which can still be sealed after opening. This kind of smart fresh roof style bag has become popular in the United States and other advanced countries. According to the survey of dairy consumer behavior in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou in the first half of 2002, consumers generally agree that rooftop packaging is a high-end product, which is suitable for medium and high-end consumer groups in cities and meets consumers' requirements for quality and freshness

as a leader in the rooftop carton packaging industry, international paper believes that it is the common aspiration of dairy producers and packaging manufacturers to promote the development of this form of dairy packaging, so that consumers can drink truly fresh and nutritious carton milk, so as to win more consumer recognition and love. To implement this goal and make the rooftop carton milk more successful, dairy enterprises and packaging enterprises need to work together. Healthy and nutritious contents with unique flavor are the basis for success. The roof type packaging system (roof type cartons with stable quality, sanitation and bright appearance, coupled with precise and operable filling machines) makes us successful. The construction of cold chain, including production, warehousing, distribution, retail and other links, is the guarantee for consumers to get fresh milk. The freshness and nutrition of roof products can be better preserved under cold storage and transportation. Of course, we also need to timely grasp the psychology and trends of consumers and carry out strong advertising and promotional activities

according to the experience of other countries, when the per capita income reaches a certain level, the roof type carton packaging will gradually enter the market. As China's national income continues to rise, consumers' milk drinking habits continue to improve, they are increasingly concerned about the freshness of drinks, and the domestic cold chain system is becoming more and more perfect. We believe that with the joint efforts of dairy companies and packaging companies, roof packaged milk with excellent fresh-keeping function will be accepted by more and more consumers and become the preferred dairy packaging for consumers

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