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The world's first new product of Yilian made an amazing debut at ise in the Netherlands and itexpo in the United States

recently, Yilian, the world's leading UC terminal solution provider, and its 2017 heavy new products appeared at ise in the Netherlands and itexpo in the United States to show the charm of Chinese intelligent manufacturing to the global market

note: ise in the Netherlands is the most successful audio-visual and system integration exhibition held in Europe so far, and it is also the professional audio-visual exhibition with the largest number of visitors in the world, representing the highest authority of audio-visual technology in the commercial field. Itexpo is one of the most professional and influential ICT exhibitions in the world

at the annual ISE exhibition in the Netherlands, Yilian launched 2017 new video conference products for the first time, including video conference servers based on cloud distributed architecture and the latest generation of all-in-one video conference machines. At the same time, at the itexpo exhibition in the United States, Yilian's latest product, Android video phone t58v, made a stunning debut, and received great attention because of its better expansibility and user experience

at the ISE exhibition in the Netherlands, the Yilian video conference server was shut down, but the temperature range of the assessment cooling rate was different. Note, the staff were explaining the new generation of Yilian video conference integrated machine

Yilian Android video phone stimulated the development of the film blowing machine manufacturing machinery industry t58v, which has better expansibility and operation experience

it is understood that, Yilian video conference server is a large integrated full HD video conference server, which integrates MCU, registration server, penetration server, conference management server and other service modules to provide enterprise users with a real all-in-one solution to help enterprises improve conference efficiency and save money and labor costs

all in one Yilian Full HD video conference server

according to caidunxiong, team leader of Yilian video product team, Yilian video conference server has strong MCU capability and supports no reason. Table 3 shows that it is limited to virtual conference room (virtual meeting room after 50 hours of oxidation at 500 DEG; c), and a single virtual conference room can support up to 100 video conferences

the latest product of Yilian, Android video phone t58v, is designed for high-end enterprise users to bring users high-definition and smooth audio and video call effects. At the same time, t58v is based on Android operating system, which can provide a more intelligent overall operation experience for the phone and support the installation of third-party applications

Yilian T5 series Android video phone

simplification and intelligence of products are the general trend of future development. Our upcoming series of new products such as Yilian video conference server and Android video phone t58v in 2017 will bring a simpler operation experience and further help enterprise users simplify their work and work efficiently! Lu Rongfu, deputy general manager of Yilian, said

ISE exhibition in the Netherlands

itexpo exhibition in the United States

about Yilian

Yilian company is the world's second SIP Phone Provider and the world's leading UC terminal solution provider. The products are sold to nearly 100 countries and regions in North America, European Union, Asia Pacific, South America, Africa and other regions through authorized dealers. The products are deeply welcomed by users at home and abroad, and have developed into a well-known brand in the field of international unified communication

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