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The 65th anniversary of the birth of the polyamide brand Durethan, the 65th anniversary of the birth of the future journey of the polyamide brand Durethan, the 65th anniversary of the birth of the future journey of the polyamide brand Durethan, January 4, 2019

December 28, 2019, Durethan series of high-performance plastics was born in the context of the "economic miracle" of post-war Germany, and has gradually become a structural material with huge global demand in electric drive, renewable energy There are bright prospects in growth markets such as information technology, electricity and electronics. This year, LANXESS' polyamide compound family celebrated its 65th birthday. "Now, Durethan series has been recognized as excellent high-tech materials, which can make all kinds of precision technology and innovative component solutions possible. With Durethan The brand is also inseparable from our deep expertise in material research and development, application, process and technology. In the process of cooperating with customers, we have effectively utilized these expertise and developed successful and feasible component solutions. " Dr. Michael zobel, head of Langsheng high performance materials business department, which produces Durethan series products, said

from small to large, rapid growth

in 1953, Durethan brand was born in the urdingen area of 6.200 kg wear testing machine in crayfield, Germany. There are also factories producing polyamide 6 and caprolactam, which are the basic monomers of thermoplastic materials. At first, the primary task of the factory was to produce fibers, but soon, the focus of research and development shifted to the production of special materials for molded parts. After the introduction of the first batch of non reinforced composites, they soon established advantages in the production of chain gears or fasteners such as plugs and collets. Later, products strengthened by glass fiber have also become a member of this expanding series of brands. These compounds are the preferred materials for producing parts with high strength and hardness, such as power tool housings, transformer frames and office chair components

extensive professional product portfolio

currently, Durethan brand polyamide 6 and 66 series compounds can meet a wide range of different requirements. Its existing products include: supercharged air pipes that can be used in turbocharged engines, exceptionally soft elastomer modified materials, carbon fiber reinforced composites (such as lightweight materials that bear heavy pressure in balls, squash and badminton rackets), and heat conducting products for equipment thermal management. The series also includes flame retardant compounds for industrial and household electrical applications and new components of electric vehicles, and extremely resistant but long-term performance thermal materials for air ducts near internal combustion engine turbochargers. Durethan is also the base resin for tepex continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites produced by bond laminates, a sub brand of Langsheng. At present, this series of compounds are widely used in the mass production of automotive lightweight components, such as vehicle front end, door module bracket and bottom guard

growing global demand; Crayfield new factory

65 years ago, all this started in the urdingen area of crayfield, and has now achieved great success worldwide. "Langsheng currently operates the global production network of Durethan series products to ensure that all international customers in major regions of the world can obtain customized compound products, and high-quality products are consistent no matter where the origin is." Zobel said so. Langsheng's high performance materials business department has composite plants in crayfield urdingen, Wuxi, China, gihagadia, India, Gastonia, the United States and port Feliz, Brazil. The business unit is currently adding factories in urdingen and Changzhou, China, which will be put into production in early 2020 and the second quarter of 2019 respectively

the investment amount of the new facility in creffield urdingen is about 50 million euros, which can provide about 20 new jobs. According to the design, the plant can gradually increase its capacity to meet the demand in the next few years. The high performance business materials department currently employs about 600 employees in Germany, of which nearly 300 work in the urdingen factory

highly backward integration

LANXESS's world-class factory produces most of the raw materials for its high-performance compounds, including glass fiber and polyamide 6 monomer caprolactam and its raw materials for strengthening composites. "This high degree of backward integration ensures the optimization of supply and reliability of delivery, which is of particular concern to our partners in the automotive industry." Zobel3 and clip concrete 1 generally adopt excellent medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel. Due to the continuous expansion of composite production capacity in recent years, the high-performance materials business department can also process most of its own raw materials and process them into high-performance plastics

catch up with the market

"with the recent investment in new factories, we are consolidating our position as one of the world's leading producers of polyamide 6 and polyamide 66 compounds." Zobel commented. LANXESS intends to significantly exceed the expected growth rate of polyamide 6 and 66 compounds in the world in recent years. As zobel explained, "we pay special attention to innovative product solutions for advanced transportation modes, whether they are components of powertrain systems or peripherals for electric mobility, such as charging stations."

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