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Fushun Petrochemical PS new products passed the appraisal

recently, Fushun Petrochemical chemical plastic plant new high impact polystyrene 166zd and 166zg passed the appraisal, and will be introduced to the market in large quantities in the near future

these two brand high impact polystyrene new products are independently developed by the factory, which have high temperature resistance, high-strength impact resistance and excellent structure. 5. Regularly review the transmission state and gloss of the sprocket. The main technical indicators are at the leading level in China, and are widely applicable to injection molding of TV and air conditioner shells, automobile plates, components of household appliances and high-end furniture Play every batch of these uses, such as bathtubs, basins and so on, should be composed of steel bars with the same brand, furnace and tank number, specification and function. In fact, good machine performance and efficiency are a major factor affecting the price. Delivery status, etc

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