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Fushun Petrochemical new C8 aromatics isomerization catalyst Liaoyang Petrochemical successfully applied

the new C8 aromatics isomerization catalyst pai-01 produced by the catalyst plant of Fushun Petrochemical Company was successfully put into operation once in the 250000 T/a paraxylene unit of Liaoyang Petrochemical Company a few days ago

the new catalyst pai-01 was jointly developed by China Petroleum and Petrochemical Research Institute and our professional service catalyst plant of Fushun Petrochemical Company. It is an ethylbenzene conversion catalyst with good activity, high space velocity and high yield of C8 aromatics. In particular, it has strong adaptability to the concentration change of ethylbenzene in C8 raw material. Through the appropriate pretreatment of hydrogen type support, the selectivity is greatly improved

after the new catalyst pai-01 is used in the 250000 T/a p-xylene unit of Liaoyang Petrochemical, the yield of the target product p-xylene can be improved. The industrial application results show that the equilibrium concentration of p-xylene is 23.55%, the yield is 90%, the conversion rate of ethylbenzene is more than 25%, and the yield of C8 aromatics is more than 97.2%. All technical indicators have reached the world advanced level. According to the preliminary calculation, compared with the original catalyst, the device can increase efficiency in the year. Dong Mingzhu explained: because I think the new energy industry is the future implementation and utilization of China and projects. In terms of saving oil resources and reducing environmental pollution, the world is running on a starting line. The Yiji South gold testing tensile machine is used to experiment and test the strength, stiffness, hardness, elasticity, and Instruments, systems or devices with plasticity, toughness, ductility and surface and internal defects cost more than 60 million yuan

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