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Fushun Petrochemical Co., Ltd. successfully produced the special material RF for polypropylene blown film. Focusing on the major needs of national economic and social development 075, the cumulative output from January to April this year reached 1700 tons, realizing the industrial production of the special material

polypropylene film is divided into three types according to the processing technology: oriented film (BOPP), cast film (CPP) and blown film (IPP). Polypropylene blown film has excellent surface finish, transparency and heat sealing. It can be used in food packaging and high-end clothing packaging. Its processing technology has the advantages of less investment, simple equipment, short process and so on. Blown film has become another new development direction of polypropylene film, and the domestic market is growing at a rapid rate

Fushun Petrochemical Polypropylene Plant has an annual capacity of 90000 tons, and there was no blown film brand before. In 2005, in response to the market demand, the company began to develop RF075. By adjusting the amount of hydrogen added to the loop reactor, its melt index was controlled within a suitable range, and the volume expansion caused by internal oxidation was reduced. During polymerization, the second comonomer propylene was added, so that the actual result of its molecular structure became random copolymerization, which fundamentally improved the transparency of the product. High-grade opening agent, smoothing agent and other additives were added during granulation, It also improves the processing performance of special materials. Product analysis shows that RF075 has stable quality, performance meets the index requirements, non-toxic and tasteless, and has high added value. Especially its unique random copolymerization structure makes its physical and chemical properties more excellent

at present, the special material has been successfully put on the market. Users reported that the blown film produced by RF075 has good transparency and heat sealing performance

source: China Chemical Industry News

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