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Looking forward to the future of integrated technology

from April 15 to 16, Intel 2004 spring IDF conference was held in Beijing. This conference will be the eighth world leading information technology industry conference held by Intel in China according to the industry capacity division standard. North China industrial control, a famous industrial computer manufacturer in China, became the highlight of this conference

with the development of hardware technology, high and cutting-edge technology has led to different concerns. As a well-known industrial computer manufacturer in China, North China industrial control has won the recognition of the majority of users by using advanced technology and production process. At this IDF conference, many new products of North China industrial control have attracted the attention of the majority of users. Norcore fault-tolerant digital library is a plug and play IDE disk array product. It integrates multiple ides until they reach the limit bit hard disk on the right hand side of the instrument into a large hard disk device with redundant data verification function. It has the same hard disk fault tolerance as the professional disk array. It can maintain data and replace HDD, greatly reducing the service workload for system integrators, and providing a variety of interfaces with computers. Because it reduces the power consumption of the host and has RAID5 function, it uses optimization algorithm to realize a large number of CPU calculations on AISC chip to improve random access efficiency, and provides the separation scheme of monitoring and storage. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the hard disk expansion of PC scheme DVR and embedded scheme. The price ratio is excellent and different, and the use is convenient and fast, which has been widely praised by users in the industry

the research and development of industrial CPU card based on intelsprindale-g chipset has achieved good results. Norco-860ve full-length CPU card with 800 external frequency and independent 32m video memory has attracted the attention of many insiders. This product adopts intel865pe chipset, It is another leading industrial CPU card based on intel865 chipset after North China industrial control first launched norco-830 Series in May 2003 and norco-mb4kl Gigabit firewall motherboard in October 2003. The two firewall motherboards n, which were first launched before, removed the old broach from orco-mb4kl and norco-np7l, which still did not reduce the style of the past, and were on Intel's booth respectively, becoming the mainstream of the new generation of network security products. Based on intel815eb low-power 3.5-inch embedded CPU card norco-3350 and norco-6551--p class III half length CPU card and other technology-leading products, it also truly reflects the due strength of industrial computer leading brands

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just as Intel mentioned the trend of technology integration, North China industrial control is at the forefront of the industrial control industry. The goal is to use cutting-edge technology to carefully create a new generation of high, precision and cutting-edge industrial control products, and take the lead in realizing the integration of new technologies in the industrial control industry. After years of hard research and development and promotion, North China industrial control, as a leader in the industrial control industry, is truly reflected in the strength of North China industrial control. With the development of new technology in the era, North China industrial control continues to explore and create the leading position of domestic hardware platform; Looking forward to the future, North China industrial control is confident to keep pace with the development of the times and create more new products in the industry

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