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Integrating many of the world's first technologies, XCMG's "all-round King Kong" xgc260 crawler crane BMW exhibition glory contribution

integrating many of the world's first technologies, XCMG's "all-round King Kong" xgc260 crawler crane BMW exhibition glory contribution

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on November 25, the seventh China International Construction machinery, building materials machinery Engineering vehicles and Equipment Expo in Shanghai New International Expo Center at a relatively low price to buy high-quality equipment is the most correct choice to open

XCMG "all-around King Kong" xgc260 crawler crane

as a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, XCMG group has strongly launched the "g" generation "all-around King Kong" xgc260 crawler crane. Xgc260 integrates a number of global first technologies, and the technical level of the whole machine has reached the international leading level. It has become a "star product" that leads the direction of technological change in the industry when it is used in occasions with great differences in testing strength

from the research and development of the first generation of domestic cranes in New China to the successful opening of the world's largest 4000 ton crane, XCMG has always been at the forefront of the development of the world's crane industry. Decades of exploration and accumulation have not only bred countless mixing heads of star coating systems, but also significantly changed products, and accumulated and formed proud core technological advantages

the first boom function integration technology. This technology is an original technology developed for the first time in the world. It combines shield boom, wind power boom and fixed jib, giving full play to the versatility and interchangeability of the product. Only one set of boom can complete all the hoisting functions of the original three sets of boom. It is the most powerful and perfect crawler crane of the same tonnage in the world at present. The boom system can be used for the hoisting of many electronic change experimental machines with a diameter of 6m ~ 8m shield, the hoisting of some 1.5MW wind power, and the hoisting of petrochemical small towers, tanks, kettles, heat exchangers, and reactors, reducing the purchase and transportation costs of the original three sets of independent boom, and the adaptability of product engineering has been greatly expanded and extended

integrate global barrier free transportation technology. Xgc260 crawler crane is designed based on the requirements of the world's prevailing road regulations and the modular design concept. It can be transported through the world's narrowest toll road. The maximum transportation weight of a single piece is only 43.2t (disassembly can be less than 35.7t), the maximum transportation width of a single piece is only 3.0m, and the height is only 3.2m. The whole machine is equipped with only transporters, and the transportation adaptability is more excellent than that of its peers, so that the transportation cost of the whole vehicle is minimized

increase the lifting technology of graded load. Xgc260 can complete the increase and decrease of the corresponding boom and hoisting load through different counterweight combinations, so that the customer can purchase "materials" to the best of his ability, that is, according to the actual working conditions of hoisting, the components can be freely combined and matched, and the hoisting operation can be completed with the most concise and practical configuration, which effectively avoids the waste phenomenon of "killing chickens with ox knives", and minimizes the customer's oil consumption, transportation costs and other operating costs

with superior product cost performance. Xgc260 adopts the integrated low gravity center and large chassis technology and the optimized lightweight boom design technology. The boom is configured with 93m main boom, 66m tower boom and 36m fixed jib. The whole machine has better stability, stronger lifting capacity, wider operation range and higher hoisting height. Among them, the operation capacity of the medium and long boom is particularly outstanding, and the cost performance has reached the industry-leading level, It perfectly interprets XCMG's corporate purpose of "meeting users' value-added needs"

has a unique appearance. Xgc260 crawler crane is a brand-new modeling product created by industrial design means. The new generation of control room independently developed by using bionic design technology is a core highlight of this product. The appearance is fashionable and novel, and the interior is simulated by human body simulation software, making the operation more convenient and comfortable. At the same time, the control room echoes with the streamlined turntable, exquisite balance weight and "X" coating shape, which fully reflects the excellent quality of the products with unique characteristics

since 2014, xgc260, a new generation crawler crane product made by XCMG, has been put on the market one after another. With its excellent lifting performance and reliability, it has won praise from customers in the subway shield hoisting construction in Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Tianjin and other cities, and has won great attention and favor from overseas customers. At present, the xgc260 on display has signed a car purchase contract with Korean customers, and will soon cross the ocean, helping "XCMG create" to reach every corner of the world

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