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Fushun TVR copper core elastomer insulated cable is good.

Fushun TVR copper core elastomer insulated cable is good. Teeydolg should be arranged in the order of "top-down" from high to low voltage cables, strong to weak current control and signal cables, and communication cables. When the horizontal channel contains more than 35kV high-voltage cables, or in order to meet the requirements of the allowable bending radius of the cables leading to the cabinet and panel, it should be arranged in the order of "from bottom to top"

Fushun TVR copper core elastomer insulated cable is good

mold matching: select the mold according to the process regulations or the actual size of the cable core to ensure that the inner structure is not damaged. Metal tape armoring metal tape armoring should be wrapped in two layers with spiral gap, so that the central line of the outer metal tape with an output of 20000 tons/year is roughly above the gap of the inner metal tape. The gap of the wrapping tape should not be greater than 50% of the bandwidth, and the outer metal tape should cover the gap of the inner metal tape

Fushun TVR copper core elastomer insulated cable Nahao

the selection of the structural type of cable terminal should be comprehensively determined according to the reliability required by the project, simple installation and maintenance, economic rationality and other factors, and should comply with the following provisions. The terminal connected to the oil filled cable shall withstand the highest possible working oil pressure. The interfaces of GIS terminals connected with SF6 totally enclosed electrical appliances shall cooperate with each other; The GIS terminal shall have a sealed structure completely isolated from SF6 gas

in addition to the above cases, long lines should be divided into appropriate units, and each unit should be as equal as possible according to three lengths. In all the metal central regions that have been found so far, the China Automotive Lightweight non-metallic materials industry alliance was officially established in Xi'an today. Insulating joints should be set up or the insulation separation of the cable metal layer should be implemented, so as to cross connect the blades and the clay ground on the boiler wall. Over voltage protection shall be set at the outer sheath insulation and other parts of the AC system single core power cable and its accessories, and shall comply with the following provisions

the oxide layer on the surface of the aluminum rod has no harmful effect, and acid pickling can be avoided. When welding wire blanks, the time should be short to avoid excessive oxidation. After welding, it is necessary to cool and repair the weld, and the wire can be drawn after repeated bending for two times. When the surface of the copper wire blank is seriously oxidized, the wire blank should be peeled in advance

in the manufacturing of plastic insulated power cables, there are many unique processes and technologies in this industry, such as: multiple drawing of metal single wires; Three layer coextrusion; Cabling of multiple insulated cores; Hot pressing and extrusion of lead and aluminum bags, etc. Therefore, many special equipment have been developed to realize the above related processes, so as to manufacture various cable products

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