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Futian Automobile marries Weichai Power Hunan medium heavy truck with wings

Futian Automobile marries Weichai Power Hunan medium heavy truck with wings

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Guide: one is the strongest auto parts and assembly system industry group in China, and the other is the largest commercial vehicle production enterprise in China. On May 10, Weichai Power and Foton Motor signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Changsha. The two sides will innovate in the product chain, improve the efficiency of resource allocation, jointly develop the market and jointly build the market

one is the strongest auto parts and assembly system industry group in China, and the other is the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in China. On May 10, Weichai Power and Foton Motor signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Changsha. The two sides will further strengthen cooperation in product chain innovation in 2014, improve resource allocation efficiency, jointly develop markets, and jointly build market service networks, so as to add wings to the development of Hunan heavy truck industry

in 2009, the supporting amount of Futian Automobile Changsha automobile factory reached 3 billion yuan, and the news that it is directly engaged in splitting the power battery department with Changsha automobile was 1:00. There are more than 30000 industrial workers in the industrial chain supporting the yunshang factory, and the tax payment of the industrial chain exceeds 300 million yuan. Around Foton automobile Changsha automobile factory, Changsha Economic Development Zone has gathered more than 120 automobile and parts manufacturing enterprises, forming an industrial chain from parts to vehicle production, and a "Hunan Automobile Industry Corridor" with complete layout and supporting facilities is beginning to take shape. Gradually formed an industrial cluster with body, frame, gearbox, leaf spring, interior trim and other major parts as the main body. More than 300 automobile and its parts enterprises above the designated size in Hunan are on a prairie fire. A multi variety and all-round development product pattern of light, medium and heavy truck commercial vehicle series and off-road, sedan and passenger car series has been formed

although Hunan's auto parts industry has begun to take shape, with a number of leading enterprises in the production of supporting parts, there is a lack of core parts manufacturers of medium and heavy truck power systems represented by engines, gearboxes, heavy axles and gearboxes. At present, China's medium and heavy truck industry has entered an era of intense competition. In order to speed up automobile development and improve automobile service level, vehicle enterprises must pay attention to the cooperation with major parts enterprises, and the parts enterprises must also pay attention to the relationship with vehicle enterprises in order to have a stable customer relationship and consolidate market share. Vehicle manufacturing enterprises and core parts enterprises must coexist in common prosperity, not just a simple supporting relationship. Cooperation and alliance has become an effective way to achieve win-win between vehicle enterprises and parts enterprises

in fact, as early as April 28, 2006, Foton Motor Co., Ltd. jointly signed the strategic alliance framework agreement with Weichai Power, Bosch Company of Germany and AVL company of Austria. The four parties agreed to regularly discuss the market dynamics of domestic heavy trucks, determine their respective market development strategies, and jointly develop and design leading international automotive power products

under this situation, Weichai Power and Foton Motor both believe that the existing cooperative relationship between the two sides needs to be further upgraded. It is necessary to further integrate the upstream and downstream resources of the automotive industry chain to realize the full complementarity and sharing of resources between the two sides and further reduce costs, so as to improve the competitiveness of team services of each province, county and city of Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd Achieve win-win results. Therefore, the two sides had full exchanges on in-depth cooperation and reached a consensus: integrate resources, integrate knowledge, chain innovation, achieve win-win results, and achieve win-win results by using the promotion of Foton revol medium heavy truck brand ADX products

Feng Gang, vice president of Weichai Power, said that Weichai Power and Foton Motor are very close in strategic objectives, corporate philosophy and industry position. Based on mutual benefit and win-win results and the core competition of CO casting, Adidas showed another major feature of the shoes this time: the soles of this customized running shoes called futurecraft 3D are made of recycled marine waste plastic as consumables, and jointly move towards the principle of grabbing market share in the international market, Both sides have the basis and necessity to reach strategic cooperation; Pan LiNbO, deputy director of Foton Changsha automobile factory and manager of marketing company, also said that the strategic cooperation between the two sides is to comply with the market development trend. Through the cooperation with Weichai Power, Foton Ruiwo will effectively reduce costs, improve the efficiency of intangible assets, and establish a stronger competitiveness on the basis of collaborative utilization of resources

at the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement, Foton automobile Changsha automobile factory also released two "fist products" of medium and heavy trucks - revol ADX and revol Weichai Xinli products. Rivo? Weichai Xinli power products use the most mature heavy truck technology in China (power, gearbox, etc.), collect the most advantageous supporting resources in society, and produce and sell medium and heavy truck high-end products that lead the market

panlinbo said that in 2010, Foton Changsha automobile factory will accelerate its entry into the field of medium and heavy trucks, realize the transformation from advantageous business to monopoly business, produce and sell 120000 vehicles (including 20000 heavy trucks in revol business and 20000 vehicles in overseas business), and the sales revenue is 7billion yuan

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