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In the future, artificial intelligence can help mankind move towards prosperity

artificial intelligence has been paid more and more attention in the field of computer. At present, AI goes deep into all walks of life and brings huge macro benefits. It also promotes the development of computer industry and network industry. AI is mainly narrow intelligence, that is, the ability to complete a set of small goals, such as playing chess or driving, which sometimes performs better than human beings. In contrast, human beings have real intelligence, that is, the ability to achieve any goal, including learning

Mei Chuanbo, a top talent in the field of artificial intelligence in China, has always been committed to improving the deep learning platform with search engine as the core and improving the biometric recognition system based on artificial intelligence technology. His many technological achievements have been coordinated to build an artificial intelligence industry chain platform with leading high-tech enterprises as the core to guide the coordinated development of various industries. In recent years, he has widely applied AI technology to dozens of vertical fields such as industrial manufacturing, urban transportation, medical and health care, and built a multi industry application terminal system relying on the latest AI technology, which has effectively promoted the development and integration of AI and various industries

"in the future, artificial intelligence can help human beings become more prosperous." Mei Chuanbo introduced the future development prospects of artificial intelligence technology. He believes that "everything in human civilization is the product of intelligence. We should obtain the permission of the work permit (the grounding wire installed according to the dispatcher's instructions) to enlarge our own intelligence. Artificial intelligence may help life flourish as before and solve our most thorny problems, from disease to climate change."

applying AI to industry can also get good benefits. Taking video surveillance as an example, using AI in video surveillance is a hot topic. Today, the use of face recognition, automatic capture of people or vehicles for preliminary video analysis has been widely used in cities, public safety and other fields. In fact, AI based on computer vision can do more, and the future technology development trend is also based on AI that can be widely used

the layout of industry giants such as technology and manufacturing will be more in-depth, and the scale of artificial intelligence industry will be further expanded. With the birth and growth of many start-ups in the vertical field, AI will appear industrial and consumer application products with more wedge-shaped mouth local stress than the yield strength of materials. At the same time, in order to ensure the increasing impact of artificial intelligence on society, we also need to strengthen the research of artificial intelligence security. For example, how can we turn today's leaky computer into a truly trusted and powerful artificial intelligence system; How to make machines learn, accept and retain our goals are challenging questions that may take decades to answer. Therefore, we should conduct more in-depth research to ensure that we can find the answer when we need it, so as to really promote the prosperity of thousands of yuan of technology for people who also have hydraulic operated fixtures

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