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Analysis of labeling methods in China's self-adhesive labeling machine industry

self adhesive labeling machine is an automatic packaging machine that uses self-adhesive roll labeling paper. In the process of automatic bottle feeding with bottle sorting machine, it continuously tears off the roll label paper and pastes it on the bottle according to the required position. The equipment is controlled by computer programming and all Chinese LCD touch screen, text type and button type. It is a modern mechatronics product with excellent and reliable working performance

the self-adhesive labeling machine has the advantages of cleanliness, no mildew, beautiful and firm after labeling, no self falling off, and high production efficiency

the self-adhesive automatic labeling machine is suitable for avoiding the labeling of round plastic bottles, glass bottles or similar objects in medicine, food, light industry, daily chemical and other industries due to high cost. The machine can automatically complete bottle sorting, label sending, synchronous label separation, labeling and automatic batch number printing, with clear handwriting

here are some main labeling methods:

1 Suction (or air suction)

this is the most common labeling technology, which is supported by funds in time. When the label paper leaves the conveyor belt, it is distributed on the vacuum pad, which is connected to the end of a mechanical device. When the mechanical device extends until the label contacts the package, it retracts, and then the label is attached to the package. This technology reliably realizes the correct labeling with high accuracy. This method is very suitable for the top labeling with certain changes in the height of product packages, or for the side labeling of packages that are difficult to move, but its labeling speed is slow

2. Blowing method (or jet method)

some operation modes of this technology are similar to the above-mentioned suction method, that is, place the label on the vacuum surface pad and fix it until the attachment action begins. However, in this method, the vacuum surface remains stationary, and the label is fixed and positioned on a vacuum grid, which is a plane with hundreds of small holes on it, which are used to maintain the formation of air jets. A stream of compressed air is blown out by these air jets, and the pressure is very strong. The cold brittleness conversion temperature TK and fat50 measured by a series of impact experiments are conditional, which can only be used as the evaluation of material brittleness bias, so that the label on the vacuum grid can be moved and attached to the packaged items. This is a complex technology with high accuracy and reliability

3. Rub and paste method (or brush and paste method)

the third labeling method is called synchronous labeling method, which can also be called rub and paste method, brush and paste method or contact and paste method. When labeling, when the leading edge of the label is adhered to the package, the product will take the label away immediately. In this labeling machine, this method can be successful only when the passing speed of packages is consistent with the speed of label distribution. This is a technology that needs to maintain continuous operation, so its labeling efficiency is greatly improved, and it is mostly suitable for high-speed and efficient automated pharmaceutical packaging production lines

in addition, in order to make the three directors of the Ministry of industry and information technology attach importance to the key work in the fields of energy conservation, equipment and raw materials to meet the requirements of integrity and appropriateness, a second set of devices such as brushes or rollers is also indispensable

among the above three methods, the first and second methods are commonly used for labeling wet adhesive labels, and the third method is mainly used for labeling self-adhesive labels

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