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The future anti-corrosion coating is the "dark horse" in the field of painting

the future anti-corrosion coating is the "dark horse" in the field of painting

November 19, 2019

with the development of China's national economy, the country continues to increase investment in infrastructure construction and accelerate its construction speed. In the process, the construction of infrastructure has also driven the development of a series of industries and promoted the continuous progress and upgrading of various technologies. With the development trend of infrastructure design from reinforced concrete to steel structure, coatings are facing new requirements, especially in terms of corrosion protection life of coatings, coating performance of materials, seasonal versatility of materials and environmental friendliness

according to the data of China corrosion investigation report, the annual loss caused by the corrosion of metal materials alone in China is as high as 500 billion yuan, accounting for about 5% of the gross national product! Among them, the oil and gas system is about 10billion yuan, the coal industry is about 5.5 billion yuan, and the power system is about 1.6 billion yuan. However, the total industrial output value of the whole coating industry minus raw materials is only half of it, which shows that there is a lot of room for anticorrosive coatings

today's anti-corrosion coating products are widely made of products from petroleum industry, coking industry, organic synthetic chemical industry and other departments. The quality is increasing, and the scope of application is also expanding. How to further accelerate the development of anti-corrosion coating field and make it better serve all walks of life is a glorious and arduous task in front of us coating people. In the broad market environment of anti-corrosion coatings, only by bravely taking technological innovation as the driving force, taking environmental protection as their own responsibility, and constantly developing new technologies and products, can coating people continue to expand the scope of application of anti-corrosion coatings and contribute to China's infrastructure and marine chemical industry

I. Development Status of anticorrosive coatings

anticorrosive coatings are widely used in modern industry, transportation, energy, ocean engineering and other departments. According to the corrosion resistance and application requirements of the coating film, it is usually divided into conventional type and heavy-duty anti-corrosion type. Under normal conditions, conventional anti-corrosion coatings play an anti-corrosion role in metals, etc. from imitation to self renovation, it is always a non-conforming development process to protect the service life of non-ferrous metals; Heavy duty anticorrosive coating refers to a kind of anticorrosive coating that can be applied in relatively harsh corrosive environment and has a longer protection period than conventional anticorrosive coating

1. Products are developing in the direction of multi-function

according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 1000 varieties of anti-corrosion coatings in China. The traditional classification by resin is epoxy, epoxy asphalt, asphalt, chlorinated rubber, chlorosulfonated polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, perchloroethylene, urushiol resin, ethyl silicate, highly chlorinated polyethylene, polyurethane, polyurethane asphalt, phenolic, alkyd paint, etc

in recent years, there have also been many kinds of modified resin anticorrosive coatings with excellent performance, such as alkyd resin modified polysulfide rubber modified epoxy waterproof anticorrosive coating and acrylic modified alkyd enamel used in railway passenger car boxes. At the same time, anticorrosive coatings with Chinese characteristics, such as URUSHIOL TITANIUM, urushiol epoxy, urushiol silicon heavy-duty anticorrosive coatings, etc. At present, the new generation of anti-corrosion coating system has gradually occupied the mainstream of market research and application. Environmental friendly anti-corrosion coatings such as waterborne epoxy and waterborne acrylic paint have been introduced one after another, which has enriched the types of anti-corrosion coatings and gradually developed towards multi-function

2. Broad market demand and application range

there are many anti-corrosion coating production enterprises in China. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 700, of which nearly 100 are specialized in producing anti-corrosion coatings, but the scale is not large, and only a few dozen have an annual output of more than 1000 tons. These production enterprises are mainly concentrated in the coastal provinces and cities of China and the central and southern regions. Due to the differences in the natural environment and development characteristics of various provinces and cities, the varieties and uses of their anti-corrosion coatings are also different

at present, anti-corrosion coatings in China are mainly used in chemical and petroleum industries, railways, roads and bridges, metallurgy, electric power and energy industries, machinery and textile industries, industrial products, automobiles, ships and containers. Among them, the industries with the largest demand are chemical industry and petroleum industry, including the corrosion prevention of oilfield facilities, oil pipelines, offshore platforms, steel structures and reinforced concrete structures of petrochemical plants; At the same time, the construction and maintenance of railway and highway bridges are also the key areas of the application of anti-corrosion coatings. In addition, industrial products and marine anti-corrosion fields such as automobiles and ships are also the biggest demand points of the anti-corrosion coating market

3. Environmental friendly anti-corrosion coatings have attracted much attention

at present, China's anti-corrosion coatings are moving forward in the direction of high performance, high efficiency, low energy consumption and low pollution, and some water-based anti-corrosion coating production enterprises have used low pollution raw materials for production. Anti corrosion coating enterprises have eliminated all kinds of prohibited coating raw materials and replaced them with more environmentally friendly raw material products to achieve product energy conservation and emission reduction Environmentally friendly purpose

it is believed that in the next few years, ship coatings, oil platforms, container coatings, anti-corrosion coatings for chemical industry, railway coatings from January to November this year, highway and Bridge coatings, anti-corrosion coatings for steel structures, and coatings for urban infrastructure are still hot spots in the market. Domestic anti-corrosion coating enterprises should continue to strengthen their professional level, provide high-quality products and perfect services, so as to make greater efforts and contributions to China's anti-corrosion market

4. Marine anti-corrosion coatings are growing rapidly

nowadays, the scale of marine development is expanding, and the sea crossing bridge as the infrastructure of marine development will continue to be built. These marine structures need to have a long anti-corrosion life, which will bring a huge market for marine anti-corrosion coatings. In addition, with the large-scale development of undersea oil fields, pipelines for transporting oil and gas will also appear one after another. In recent years, the construction of port infrastructure in China has been significantly accelerated, and the state is actively planning and building offshore wind power, which have brought new opportunities for the development of the marine anti-corrosion coating market. At present, the production enterprises of marine anticorrosive coatings in China are developing towards the trend of developing green, resource-saving and high-performance anticorrosive coatings. In the future, anti-corrosion coatings with high temperature corrosion resistance, antistatic, high elasticity, non-toxic and other functions will also be developed. Industry insiders speculate that China's marine anti-corrosion coating market will grow at an annual rate of more than 30% driven by factors such as the shipbuilding and container manufacturing industry and the construction of cross sea bridges, offshore oil platforms and coastal ports

II. Analysis of problems existing in the development of anti-corrosion coatings

it is understood that the development level and coating performance of a country's heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings are important to the level of a country's coating science and technology to achieve the automatic average cooling and constant temperature identification of samples. With the rapid development of China's transportation, energy, construction and other industries, China's anti-corrosion coating industry has been further developed, but there are still some problems. For example, the large-scale marine paint market is almost occupied by foreign manufacturers, and most of the container paint market is also almost occupied by foreign enterprises. There is still a certain gap in the technical personality and product coating of Chinese anti-corrosion coatings

1. The number of production enterprises is large and the scale is small

at present, there are many anti-corrosion coating production enterprises in China. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 700 enterprises, including nearly 100 manufacturers specializing in the production of anti-corrosion coatings, but the scale is not large, and only dozens of enterprises with an annual output of more than 1000 tons

2. Market standardization needs to be strengthened

at present, the coating installation standards for offshore platform corrosion protection, railway bridges, vehicles, shipbuilding, ship repair and container loading industries and naval ships are relatively sound, while the industrial standards and supporting systems for sewage treatment systems in petrochemical, electronic, food and other fields are still being formulated, and disorderly competition and nonstandard competition have appeared in some markets. For example, the industrial floor involves a wide range of industries, and it is difficult to standardize. Even if the national standard is formulated, it is difficult to cover its application fields, which is easy to cause disordered competition and hinder the normal development of the industry

3. The research on coating construction performance and coating process needs to be improved.

starting from the concept of coating integration, anti-corrosion coatings should pay attention to coating constructability. I hope to help you further understand the equipment's ability to continuously optimize and improve the comprehensive performance of products in terms of adaptability to different substrate treatment levels, adaptability to construction methods and processes, adaptability to construction environment, etc, Adapt to the requirements of different corrosive environments. In particular, the coating process, surface treatment and supporting system in the maintenance or recoating process of equipment and facilities should be paid great attention to due to different corrosion and construction environment, different damage conditions of the original coating and poor construction conditions

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