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According to World Bank statistics, 60% of the world's total economy comes from the port Bay and its direct hinterland. In terms of GDP in 2010, if the bay area is regarded as a country, the GDP produced by the three Bay areas of Tokyo Bay, New York Bay and San Francisco Bay ranks 9th, 14th and 23rd respectively in the global national economy

embracing the era of the Great Bay area, Hangzhou Bay, China Electronics Co., Ltd.

China's economy has changed from high-speed growth to a key period of changing the development mode, optimizing the economic structure, and transforming the growth momentum. The new endogenous driving force of China's economy and one of the highlights of economic development in the future is the rise of China's Great Bay area economy. In July 2017, Shanghai and Zhejiang jointly proposed to further promote regional cooperation and jointly plan the construction of the Great Bay area around Hangzhou Bay, marking that the integrated development of Shanghai and Zhejiang has truly entered the Bay Area era. China Electronics Information Group Co., Ltd. firmly grasp the major opportunity of building a world-class Bay area and world-class urban agglomeration, accurately locate Haining Jianshan new area, the core area of Hangzhou Bay, and strive to build a world Bay industrial base, CLP Hangzhou Bay ecological intelligent manufacturing new city, drive the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in the Yangtze River Delta and Hangzhou Bay, and comprehensively embrace the integration of the Yangtze River Delta and the arrival of the era of Hangzhou Bay Great Bay area

Ronghang connects Shanghai tide, rising Jianshan and connecting the tip of the Bay Area in multiple directions

Haining Jianshan new area, with its own unique advantages, has attracted strong entry of China Electronics, the world's top 500. First, based on Haining, Hangzhou Bay ecological smart manufacturing new city is the key node for Hangzhou to connect Shanghai with the recovery rate of financial packaging paper and cultural paper increased by only 3% due to the conditions of the equipment itself. Haining is located in the main channel connecting Shanghai and Hangzhou, as well as the Northeast portal of the core area of Hangzhou metropolitan area, and undertakes the spillover functions of Hangzhou industry, education, leisure, transportation and so on. Haining is located at the key node of the construction of Shanghai Jiaxing Hangzhou G60 science and innovation corridor. It is the main channel for the spillover and cooperation of Shanghai's advanced industries. As an important supporting area, link area and undertaking area between Shanghai and Hangzhou

second, Jianshan new area is located in the sub center of the city, with a superior geographical location. It is located in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Jiaxing, Shaoxing and other places around Hangzhou. Of course, not all interior accessories should meet the above requirements at the same time. It is in a good position in the zhouwan urban agglomeration, the North Bank of Hangzhou Bay and the gateway of Qiantang; The 90 minute traffic circle covers Hangzhou Bay, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Suzhou, Wuxi, Jiaxing, Shaoxing and other developed cities. Intercity railways, airports, river crossing channels, highways, ports and other three-dimensional roads are built to easily reach the Yangtze River Delta

third, the region around Hangzhou Bay has developed economy and excellent industrial environment. Surrounded by a large number of top 100 counties and cities, the total regional economy accounts for 2/3 of Zhejiang Province. The development of characteristic industrial clusters has a solid industrial foundation. Fourth, Jianshan new area is the key node of innovation and intelligent manufacturing in Hangzhou Dawan district. With the development strategy of connecting with greater Shanghai, linking the Yangtze River Delta and integrating into the global economy, Jianshan new area will build a key base of 10000 mu and 100 billion yuan, carry the construction and supply projects of Hangzhou Bay, and cooperate with industrial chain, trade chain and innovation chain to form a national benchmark Development Zone driven by intelligent manufacturing and a green industrial new city integrated with industry and city

it is precisely because of the convergence of the above advantages that CEC has invested heavily to build a military civilian integration innovation demonstration zone in the Yangtze River economic belt and a benchmark of Hangzhou Bay ecological intelligent manufacturing new city

large scale industrial internationalization forum innovation Juneng smart manufacturing future

in order to better promote the industrial development of Hangzhou Bay area and become the object of capacity reduction, CLP Hangzhou Bay ecological smart manufacturing new city attracts excellent intelligent manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad, as well as scientific and technological leaders to provide think tank support. CEC, together with the Management Committee of Jianshan new area, Haining City, Zhejiang Province, China power port, Germany China industry 4.0 alliance and modern business development research center, jointly held a large-scale industrial internationalization forum with the theme of innovation, energy gathering and smart manufacturing for the future. During the event, the government, experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, media and other people from all walks of life will be invited to discuss and collide with the development of intelligent manufacturing and industry city integration in Hangzhou Bay area

it is believed that this event will definitely contribute greatly to the creation of an industrial interconnection service platform around Hangzhou Bay and a CEC smart medical grand health service platform, and to the construction of a new economic growth pole in Hangzhou Bay area

[theme]: 2019 Hangzhou Bay intelligent manufacturing and industrial transformation and upgrading innovation forum and Sino German semiconductor application and manufacturing dialogue

[time]: 9:00-20:00 on February 28, 2019

[location]: CLP Hangzhou Bay ecological intelligent manufacturing new city, Mingli Langhao Hotel, Haining City, Zhejiang Province

[organizer]: Haining development and Reform Bureau, Zhejiang Province Haining Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, Haining Jianshan New Area Management Committee, China Electronics Technology Development Co., Ltd.

[support unit]: Haining Municipal People's government, China Electronics Information Industry Group Co., Ltd.

[CO organizers]: China power port, Germany China industry 4.0 alliance, Germany Fraunhofer Photovoltaic Materials Research Institute

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