The hottest Fust becomes Jianye real estate 2020

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Fust becomes Jianye real estate 2020

Fust becomes Jianye real estate's annual strategic centralized procurement supplier of interior and exterior wall coatings

June 4, 2020

the brave are fearless and climb the peak again! As a supplier of "coating + insulation" system solutions, Fust, with excellent product quality, strong construction service team and supreme customer reputation, stood out among many bidders, successfully won the bid for the "annual interior and exterior wall coating supply project" strategy of Jianye real estate, and the two sides successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement

the "construction mode" has broken the 100 billion mark

Jianye real estate was founded in 1992 and listed on the main board of the stock exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 2008. It has the first-class qualification of a Chinese real estate development enterprise and is one of the top 30 Chinese real estate development enterprises with brand value

of course, it is also related to other factors such as the diameter and length of the transmission pipeline.

it is inconceivable that such a powerful real estate development enterprise only sticks to Henan Province, and its asset scale and sales scale exceed 100 billion yuan

this is the unique "provincial development strategy" of Jianye real estate

Jianye real estate is determined to become the promoter of urbanization in the Central Plains for reference only and comprehensive social progress, take root in Henan, and adhere to the enterprise ideal and mission of "let the people of Henan live in a good house" and "let the people of Henan live a good life"

in 2019, the provincial localization strategy of Jianye real estate has achieved great development, covering 122 cities above the county level in Henan Province, and the asset scale and sales scale have both crossed the 100 billion mark! Jianye real estate, a unique business model, is praised as "Jianye model" by the Chinese real estate industry

in order to improve the living standards of cities in Henan and contribute to the urbanization process in Henan, Jianye real estate has gradually formed two categories, three categories and four categories in Henan. From low temperature to high temperature, a horn shaped range is given, including "forest peninsula", "alliance new town", "No. 1 city-state", "Guiyuan" and "Jianye 18 cities" and other product series

at the same time, Jianye real estate integrates relevant resources such as property, education, hotels, football, commerce and green bases, builds a "private customized" large service system, starts the transformation from urban comprehensive development enterprises to urban residents' new lifestyle service enterprises, and becomes the promoter of the urbanization process and overall social progress in the Central Plains

the persistence of Jianye real estate has created a brand with a sense of society, cultivated an excellent management team, and carried forward the enterprise spirit of "pursuing excellence, perseverance and success". At present, Jianye real estate has stepped into the development track of "sustained profitability and stable growth"

focus on quality and win the trust of partners

compared with Jianye real estate, foster has the same dedication

foster, founded in 1995, is a national high-tech enterprise and Beijing Enterprise Technology Center, focusing on promoting the high-tech and environmental protection process of China's national coating industry

Fusite has built an advanced scientific research laboratory, with 285 professional inspection and testing instruments, which fully covers the testing indicators of architectural coatings, external wall insulation system, and thermal insulation decorative panels. It also has a postdoctoral scientific research workstation, equipped with an 86 person technical team, and has a strong R & D strength to constantly overcome technical problems and continuously improve product quality

at present, Fust has developed into a modern enterprise integrating the R & D, production, sales and construction technical services of architectural coatings, thermal insulation, thermal insulation decorative panels, soft stones, nano new materials, floors, and is a professional supplier of "coating + thermal insulation" system solutions in China's Construction Engineering field

this time, Fust joined hands with Jianye real estate to become its strategic centralized procurement supplier of "annual interior and exterior wall coating supply project". Fust will not forget its original intention, actively forge ahead, live up to the trust and support of Jianye real estate, and agree with Jianye to pass the on-site assessment and acceptance. We will sincerely cooperate and forge ahead, and continue to make progress for the happy life of Henan people

I believe that in the future, the two sides will work together to achieve mutual benefit and win-win development, and draw a business ecological blueprint for common prosperity, win-win and progress

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