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831 households in the town of furniture in Shanghai were closed down

831 households in the town of furniture in Shanghai were closed down

February 12, 2015

[China paint information] Touqiao area, Fengcheng Town, Fengxian, is known as the "hometown of furniture in Shanghai". However, due to the long-term lack of effective industrial guidance, some relatively low-end unlicensed small workshops slowly emerged. Nonstandard operation has brought environmental pollution and potential safety hazards, which have been strongly reflected by the surrounding people; At the same time, labor and capital disputes such as wage arrears continue to become a "hard bone" in the process of urbanization development

since October 15, 2014, Fengxian has established a leading group for the rectification of non-standard wood processing and business sites in Touqiao District, with Fengcheng town as the main body and various functional departments of the district as member units, and launched a special rectification action for the butterfly transformation of the "hometown of furniture". Recently, it was learned that 831 of 1434 furniture enterprises included in the remediation list have been shut down. In just over three months, the strange smell in the air has disappeared, and the living environment of ordinary people has been greatly improved. The people in Touqiao area are satisfied that the launch of this printing material still needs some time to be significantly improved

in the past nonstandard management and rectification, it has repeatedly fallen into the strange circle of "rectification rebound re rectification". Where does the confidence of this thorough rectification come from

the ecological environment has become a collective anxiety

starting this "battle" is in the final analysis to achieve a higher level of "hometown of furniture" and regularly apply molybdenum disulfide 2 grease: the development of, and comply with the aspirations of the people

since the 1960s, many market conscious Touqiao villagers have put down their farm tools and started carpentry and furniture workshops. "Shanghai furniture pushes Fengxian, Fengxian furniture pushes the head bridge" has become the best interpretation

since the 1990s, irregular "small workshop style" furniture factories have also quietly emerged and gradually spread throughout villages. More than 60000 immigrants have brought many social governance problems to Touqiao, which is less than 39 square kilometers. For example, illegal land use, environmental pollution, potential safety hazards and other problems have become increasingly apparent. It not only affects the lives of local residents, but also restricts the optimization and adjustment of industrial structure in Touqiao area

According to Wang Hailong, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Fengcheng Town, there are 11 villages and 2 neighborhood committees in Touqiao area, gathering 2088 furniture production and raw and auxiliary material processing and distribution enterprises. However, less than 50% of them were registered with the industry and Commerce in 2013. The town receives nearly 100 complaints about furniture quality every year, and receives an average of one complaint about environmental pollution from furniture enterprises every day... "We have spent a lot of human, material and financial resources on environmental pollution control and fire safety prevention." However, due to disorderly development, the development of furniture industry has not brought effective value-added to the local economy

"furniture enterprises in Touqiao area have seriously affected the production and life of villagers", which has become the most urgent problem for Fengxian people for a time, and the ecological environment has become the collective anxiety of Touqiao people

only by clenching our fists can we form a joint force

"at present, economic and social development has entered the new normal. We are determined to carry out the rectification of the nonstandard wood processing industry in Touqiao, which is an internal requirement to comply with the new economic normal to improve quality and efficiency." The deformation measurement of Jinan experimental machine, Secretary of the Party committee of Fengcheng Town, is an important part of the experimental machine measurement and control system. The universal experimental machine jiangdechuan said that through remediation, the purpose is to achieve "reduction and efficiency increase" of land, "reduction and intelligence increase" of population, and "pollution reduction and efficiency increase" of environmental governance, so as to achieve "quality development" in Touqiao area

The current situation of Touqiao furniture industry has a long history. This time, Fengcheng town is determined to eradicate the "depression" for many years with the determination of breaking the wrist, which is bound to touch the interests of many parties. Feng's research, which has been involved in the remediation action for many years, shows that Sheng Wenjun, the leader of the urban environmental comprehensive remediation brigade, had a headache at the beginning. "The number of enterprises is hundreds of times that of law enforcement personnel. There are many problems in enterprises, involving a wide range of departments, and it is very difficult to rectify."

only by clenching your fist can you form a joint force. This rectification will turn "districts, towns and villages" into "an assembly line", and form a joint force of District, town and village law enforcement and rectification by linking bureaus and villages and promoting them in groups. "Take the Shanghai Yuxin furniture enterprise in Hongqi village for example. In the past, when a department went to enforce the law, the enterprise didn't even open the door; now, joint law enforcement is no longer wrangling with each other, and the effectiveness of law enforcement is greatly improved." Sheng Wenjun said

remediation, which seems to be a rough job on the surface, is actually a meticulous job. Balancing the interests of rental business owners and local villagers is one of them. Some outsiders have been renting here for a long time, so it is not easy to terminate the lease at once. In addition, the rent earned by villagers from renting houses ranges from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan per month, and they are "reluctant" to this important source of income for a time. Fengcheng town Party and government leading cadres have specially established 14 Town Village (neighborhood) joint working groups, with each group docking with one village (neighborhood). Through the extensive publicity of environmental protection law and industrial and commercial law among landlords and business owners, let them realize that their behavior is indeed stepping on the red line, so as to eliminate the fluke mentality

in Xingfu village, Wei Yinbing, a villager in his 60s, specially dragged Zhang, the owner of an unlicensed enterprise, into the village committee. He asked the cadres of the village committee to help with ideological work and asked him to move out as soon as possible. He said: "although the lease has not expired, I don't want the rent. Closing down these polluting enterprises won the hearts of the people." Deng Jingrong, the owner of Shanghai Zhai North furniture factory, which has been operating in Bazi village for many years, said, "this time it's true, and I can't hide it anymore." It is said that more than 400 small workshops have chosen to shut down and leave independently

rectification action, industry where to go

the difficulties of this rectification are wide-ranging, heavy workload and concentrated social contradictions. But at present, there is no collective petition in the rectification process

what about after the renovation? Where is the furniture industry going in Touqiao area

ye Rongying, the business owner who has standardized the management of furniture enterprises in Touqiao for many years, said that the rectification action, on the one hand, is a good thing to return the furniture industry in Touqiao to the path of benign competition; But on the other hand, he is also a little "not calm", worried that after the rectification, the furniture industry will be weakened in Touqiao area. "After more than 30 years of development, almost all furniture related equipment and accessories, ranging from woodworking machinery and spraying equipment to nails and wire belts, can be supplied in the Touqiao market and purchased here. It is very convenient for furniture enterprises. He still hopes that the government can support, expand and strengthen the whole industry." Ye Rongying said

in the rectification action, many business owners like ye Rongying want to reshape the image of "hometown of furniture"

in fact, long before the renovation, Fengcheng town had begun to plan the transformation and development of Touqiao furniture industry, studied the long-term supervision mechanism to regulate the enterprise management of furniture industry in Touqiao area, and formulated the "three-year action plan". On the one hand, cultivate and strengthen a number of leading enterprises with strong independent innovation ability, production capacity and social contribution; On the other hand, strengthen brand building, and guide furniture enterprises to strengthen investment in product quality, standardized production, brand operation, etc; At the same time, it will promote the transformation and development of enterprises, promote industrial technological innovation and new product development, and reshape the brilliance of Touqiao's "hometown of furniture"

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