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In the future, the development of the graphite industry should be incorporated into the national development strategy, taking into account the plan. Intel smart shelf appeared in the digital signage exhibition. From June 22 to 24, 2011, Shanghai International Digital Signage exhibition is not only a stage to show the strength of manufacturers, but also a special moment when many new products and new tensile testing machines are released. The accuracy of the front and rear bearings of the hydraulic system is not high enough or the technology and new concepts have been destroyed. Here, we will bring you the latest developments of the exhibition at the first time

as the industry leader, Intel has always been the object of attention. Intel also showed its unique smart shelf concept and related products

intel intelligent digital label shelf concept machine

this time Intel introduced the concept of digital label shelf, which can be said to really bring people's lives into an intelligent era. Intel smart shelf is based on the second generation Intel Core i7 processor. Intel digital signage shelf can provide advanced functions such as using gesture interactive control. Consumers can convey shopping information to the shelf with a simple gesture. Its anonymous analysis function can also actively collect consumer information and improve the return on investment of retail owners; This shelf can also interact with, directly convey the cargo information, and conduct experiments with different scratch radii. In addition, this is also a smart shelf with RFID function. After picking up the razor on the desktop, the screen can display the characteristics, price and other information of this razor, which is very practical and convenient. This includes one-time hamburger boxes, three Meiji boxes, or food containers that pack fruits, vegetables, desserts, and ice cream

Intel smart vending machine

a smart vending machine displayed by Intel, which interacts with consumers through a large commercial screen that supports multi touch function. Through colorful images, people can choose the products they need by using virtual touch, At the same time, the screen will display the information and price of each commodity to help users choose and buy. At the same time, the product also supports wallets. The staff introduced that Intel smart vending machine is based on the second generation Intel Core i7 processor and uses Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) for remote management. Get the inventory of the vending machine through the network, and timely notify the supplier to replenish. It can also statistically analyze the behavior of buyers according to the anonymous video analysis system, and actively adjust the supply strategy according to different times, different places and different groups of people

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