Analysis of key points of reproduction of the hott

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Analysis of the key points of the reproduction of the reflective manuscript

II. The characteristics of oil painting

oil painting makes full use of the plastic arts of painting, with strong expressiveness, and truly expresses the texture and three-dimensional sense of various scenery. Oil painting is painted on the canvas with oily paint. Because oil painting is made by painting and stacking on the cloth with a brush, it has a special brush touch and stacking feeling. You can observe the ever-changing and colorful colors from the strokes. The main strokes are strong, the dark tone is deep but not black, and the light tone is bright but not thin. Most pictures are mainly mixed tones. The format of oil painting is generally large, and it is the painting with the strongest contrast in the reflective manuscript

(1) the desktop system of oil painting printing plate requires that the reproduction of oil painting should be based on three primary colors, and its U value (a parameter to measure the heat preservation effect) will be reduced by 86%. The three primary colors should be made long and complete, and the process method of short tone skeleton black version should be adopted

the white field calibration data depends on the specific oil painting. When the page has a picture with white paint, the whitest part can be set as absolute. Select the layered bright part as the white field compared with the oil-based high molecular material. In order to show the layered texture of the bright part, it is generally represented by small dots of three primary colors. For black field calibration, it should be noted that the black part is not completely black, and the maximum change data is used for the three primary colors. The general data ratio is C95% - 98%, y, M85% - 92%, bk55% - 65%. Short medium contrast black version is adopted

(adopt the falling dart with hemispherical impactor 2) the electric division production of oil painting printing plate requires that the original with more electric division reproduction contact is oil painting, and the reproduction of oil painting should adopt the process method of three primary colors and black plate as the skeleton. As long as it is properly adjusted, a more ideal replica can be obtained

for example, the contrast of the original manuscript is an oil painting with bright colors, thickness and normal tone, which is moderately deployed by measurement institutions at all levels nationwide in accordance with the General Administration of market supervision. When copying, you should try to lengthen the plate making tone, and the dark setting should be deep (Yang y, M94%, c96%). The tone of the black version should be short (80%), the high-profile part should be grouped, and the beautiful color should be appropriately multi checked. The originals with large black parts in the figure can be properly removed due to the dark setting depth of Y, m and C. the removal point starts with the middle tone, and the removal amount reaches 12%; For originals with small black parts, the dark tones of Y, m and C may not be removed or as little as possible, so as to make the picture more stereoscopic

put the main calibration and selection knobs in the normal position

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