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Demonstrators march for Indigenous rights on 'Australia Day' - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Thousands of people took to the streets across Australia on Wednesday to rally for indigenous rights on the country’s national days solicitor general is to announce provincial travel restrictions today to help limi.

Celebrated on January 26, Australia Day marks the landing of British colonists’ ships in Sydney Cove and the settlement that was then established by those onboard in 1788.

Every year across the country demonstrators hold some of the largest gatherings of indigenous activists and supporters. They call the holiday “Invasion Day” and call for an end to its celebration.

“Thank you all for coming here today, to understand what today represents, for First Nations people. Today’s national holiday, you’re told to go and have a beerThe vaccination,, and a barbecuelaw and policy a, and celebrate the genocide of our people,” said First Nations activist Elizabeth Jarrett.

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