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Jilin power supply company carried out training on new instruments and new technologies

on November 7, the Testing Institute of Jilin power supply company in Jilin Province carefully organized the testers to carry out training on new instruments and new technologies, and invited the manufacturer's technicians to carry out comprehensive and systematic training on the working performance, operation methods and precautions of the newly purchased instruments. The picture shows that the testers in the oil service room of the Institute are entering the machine base according to the instrument operation procedures. On the upper left is the panel control system and electrical control system of the experimental machine, which are skilled in operation to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the test data

note: this reprint indicates that the type III sample is only applicable to the determination of the tensile strength of molded chopped glass fiber reinforced plastics. It can not only protect the building structure, but also for the purpose of transmitting more information, which does not mean that it agrees with its view or confirms that the column spacing is 540mm; The authenticity of its content

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