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Jilin promotes the two structural upgrades of the equipment manufacturing industry from three aspects

Japan's machinery and electronics, accessories, sheet metal, board cards, sensors, etc. previously learned from the Jilin Provincial Department of industry and information technology that in order to solidly and deeply promote "made in China 2025" and accelerate the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry in the province, the province is implementing a number of strong measures, and is determined to start from three aspects and strive to achieve the two structural upgrades of supply and demand

speed up the cultivation of new kinetic energy

it is reported that in order to achieve the above goals, Jilin Province will speed up the cultivation of new kinetic energy, focusing on improving the five advantageous industries in the province. For example, in cultivating the industrial system of rail transit equipment, the province plans to rely on the construction of high-speed EMU maintenance base, speed up the introduction of supporting enterprises such as traction system, braking system, air conditioning system, and strive to improve the supporting level in the province, and strive to achieve a supporting rate of 40% in the province; At the same time, actively promote the development of service manufacturing, support long-distance passenger Co., Ltd. to expand maintenance business, expand collaborative research and development, improve operation and maintenance system and other industrial chain value-added services; Accelerate the strategic layout of international development, and spare no efforts to promote the construction of key projects such as Russia's high-speed rail, Boston subway and Australian subway, so as to build an advanced rail transit equipment industry base

in terms of expanding the leading edge of high-end equipment of remote sensing satellites, we will accelerate the construction of Changchun aerospace information industrial park and form the R & D and production capacity of 30 satellites and 200 unmanned aerial vehicles as soon as possible; Accelerate the construction of "jilin-1" remote sensing satellite group, and realize the on orbit operation of 60 satellites by 2020; Accelerate the construction of the satellite manufacturing industry chain, strive to promote the R & D, manufacturing and industrialization of key core components such as image sensors, optical cameras, carbon fiber components, flywheel control moment gyroscopes, and effectively drive the development of optical manufacturing, precision machinery, photoelectric sensors, new materials and other industries in the Province

in building the industrial base of precision instruments and equipment, it is planned to rely on the National Laboratory of precision instruments and equipment owned by the province to accelerate the development of high-end equipment such as high-resolution satellite payloads, 38 nm lithography machines, high-throughput gene sequencers; Support the construction of precision instrument and equipment manufacturing park in Changchun new area, and accelerate the development of a number of precision instruments and equipment, such as laser scribers, precision reducers, high-precision gratings, "jiwan-1" cloud terminals, iris biometrics, etc

in improving the characteristic advantages of "specialized and special new" equipment, it has begun to speed up the cultivation of a number of "technology giants" enterprises, and actively seek to expand their absolute advantages in the field of industry segmentation. The focus is to support the accelerated development of "single champion" enterprises such as intelligent testing machines, complete sets of equipment for visual positioning and filling of hazardous chemicals, and intelligent poultry slaughtering production lines; Support the research and development of snow and ice equipment such as snowmobile, snow motorcycle and simulated ski; Support the R & D and industrialization of a batch of "specialized and special new" equipment, such as intelligent explosion suppression device, matrix pulse fire extinguishing system and Han barrier explosion-proof skid mounted complete equipment

in accelerating the high-end development of advantageous traditional equipment, we will support the research and development of agricultural machinery equipment products such as large tractors with more than 150 horsepower and precision gearboxes, precision seeders, large combine harvesters, straw picking and expanding machines, encourage the accelerated development of intelligent integrated substations, complete sets of wind power substation equipment, precision power instruments and meters, and advocate the development of oil level detection systems High end energy equipment such as sensing system while drilling, large tonnage special-shaped workover rig and high-efficiency energy-saving heat exchanger

vigorously promote technological and management innovation and upgrading

mainly includes: accelerating the construction of the provincial rail transit equipment collaborative innovation system, focusing on the construction of innovation platforms such as the national rail transit system integration engineering technology research center; At the same time, we will further improve the collaborative R & D capabilities of Changsha passenger car Co., Ltd. with relevant units such as the Chinese Academy of Railway Sciences, Qingdao Sifang Institute, Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute, and then vigorously promote the collaborative R & D and industrialization of high-end products such as China's standard high-speed EMUs, hybrid EMUs, high-speed cold wide gauge high-speed trains, and transnational intermodal high-speed trains with a speed of more than 400 kilometers per hour, effectively promoting the manufacturing of carbon fiber, aluminum alloy profiles, large components The construction of collaborative innovation ability between key supporting enterprises such as electrical system and main engine plant

accelerate the construction of the collaborative innovation system of precision instruments and equipment in the province, support the development of the National Laboratory of precision instruments and equipment of Changchun Institute of Optics and mechanics, and promote the establishment of the national innovation alliance of precision instruments and equipment with Changchun Institute of Optics and mechanics as the core; Relying on the precision instrument and equipment Industrial Park in Changchun new area, promote the establishment of precision instrument and equipment innovation center and strive to become a national manufacturing innovation center; Support the construction of provincial carbon fiber collaborative innovation center and advanced medical device Collaborative Innovation Center, and strive to promote the expanded application of innovative achievements in the field of precision instruments and equipment

accelerate the construction of satellite and application collaborative innovation system, focus on promoting the deepening cooperation between Changguang satellite company and softcom power, CETC, etc., and promote the northeast base of the "aerospace and space" integrated information port of the Ministry of science and technology to settle in Changchun, so as to create an aerospace remote sensing big data "entrepreneurship and innovation" base; At the same time, actively promote the collaborative innovation and development of "Jilin No.1" with Beidou system and Gaofen Jilin data center; Actively promote the collaborative development and application of satellite core components, intelligent integrated application terminals and software products

speed up the technological innovation of high-end equipment, connect with the national high-end equipment innovation project, and plan to strive to break through a number of key technologies of major equipment. EPS exterior wall insulation system is also their preferred system: such as the new car body, high-performance bogie, train traction, network control system of Changke Co., Ltd., remote sensing satellite with higher resolution and larger width, high frame display of lithography machine, large capacity data output and engraving data algorithm processing technology, Solar thermal power generation equipment, nuclear power heat exchange equipment, hydrogen energy equipment, etc

implement the project of strengthening the foundation of equipment industry

the foundation is not solid, and there must be no staying power. Therefore, Jilin Province is determined to accelerate the development of core basic components, mainly to improve the supporting capacity of key core components and support the research and production of robot core components such as control system and end effector; Support the accelerated development of core components of precision instruments and equipment, such as absolute grating ruler, high-end CMOS image sensor, speed displacement sensor, etc; Support the accelerated development of ultra precision hydraulic components, nitrogen balancers, special tools for shield machines and other basic components

promote the installation of key new materials to enhance the international competitiveness of China's titanium industry; The project will build the application of backup manufacturing industry, such as the engineering application of new materials such as carbon fiber, basalt fiber, polyimide in railway passenger cars, satellites, aircraft and other equipment, the integrated development of bio based polylactic acid, soluble metal materials and equipment manufacturing, and the promotion and application of new materials such as special transmission steel belt materials, graphene, high-end rare earth crystals in the field of equipment manufacturing

accelerate the promotion of advanced basic processes, support the promotion and application of advanced processes such as high-strength steel hot forming and internal high-pressure forming in the equipment manufacturing industry, especially support Han's laser and Changke Co., Ltd. to jointly develop a new laser welding process for stainless steel car bodies

continue to improve the industrial technology foundation, focusing on relying on the platforms located in the province, such as the National Engineering Laboratory of rail cars, the National Engineering Technology Research Center and the national enterprise technology center, and strive to improve the development and test support of new products and key parts of rail cars, so as to realize the ability of constant stress, constant strain, constant displacement and other control modes; Promote the construction of major test facilities such as thermal environment test and space environment simulation test, and improve the supporting capacity of remote sensing satellite development. At the same time, we will also vigorously support the construction of public service platforms such as industrial pilot test centers and testing centers, support equipment manufacturing enterprises to strive for national technological innovation demonstration units, and strive for major national science and technology projects

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