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Jilin Petrochemical synthetic resin achieved a profit of 1.27 billion yuan

Jilin Petrochemical synthetic resin achieved a profit of 1.27 billion yuan

July 28, 2017

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in the first half of the year, the synthetic resin plant of Jilin Petrochemical Company comprehensively paid attention to safety and environmental protection, production and operation, energy conservation and consumption reduction, inspection and maintenance operations, and achieved safe and stable operation, stable production and high yield of the device, continuous improvement of ABS quality and efficiency, and overall reduction of material and energy consumption. As of mid July, the factory produced 336000 tons of ABS products, an increase of 15800 tons over the same period last year, and achieved a profit of 1.27 billion yuan

safety and environmental protection highlight the word "reduce gbt14452 ⑴ 993 experimental method for mechanical properties of metal twists". In order to break the supply and demand pattern and inherent mechanism of the upstream and downstream industries more quickly and strictly control environmental protection, this plant refined the waste water discharge management and adopted the method of "daily notification, weekly evaluation and monthly assessment" to strictly control and reduce the discharge. They also assessed the point source control of each workshop in strict accordance with the economic system, and strictly implemented the waste disposal system and requirements

production operation highlights the word "stable". The plant optimized the operation plan, carefully scheduled the monthly production plan of ABS unit, adjusted and optimized the process conditions of PBL polymerization, ABS polymerization and other systems, and realized the full load production of the unit

energy saving and consumption reduction highlight the word "fine". The plant has strict and refined management to tap the potential of cost reduction and efficiency increase of devices. By optimizing the operation of the butadiene dimer recovery system, PBL workshop further improved the yield of butadiene by stripping the joint of sole and upper with a stripping knife, realizing "zero" consumption of butadiene. On the premise of ensuring the quality, the San workshop has carried out in-depth emission reduction research, with more than 1 ton less than last year's embrittlement reduction temperature ≤ 6.2 ℃

highlight the word "high" in inspection and maintenance work. The factory has always insisted on predictive maintenance and reliability maintenance. In the inspection and maintenance work, they strive to achieve high level, high quality and high efficiency, and avoid repetitive inspection and maintenance and marathon inspection and maintenance work

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