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Midas shares may benefit from anti-dumping of nylon 6 chips

on October 19 (this Monday), China's Ministry of Commerce announced the preliminary determination of anti-dumping investigation on imported nylon 6 chips originating in the United States, the European Union, Russia and other countries and regions. The investigating authority preliminarily determined that the imported products under investigation originating from the above countries and regions were dumped, resulting in substantial damage to the mainland nylon 6 chip industry, and decided to impose a deposit on the products imported from the above countries and regions from the 20th of this month. The investigating authority will make a final ruling based on the results of further investigation

yesterday, stimulated by the good news, chemical fiber stocks generally rose. Among them, the United States should vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading of the plastic new material industry, reaching the stock closing limit, while Huafeng spandex, Yantai spandex and Taiji industry were active, with an average increase of 6.13%. Data show that Shenyin Wanguo chemical requires high-molecular polymers to have the necessary mechanical properties when used as materials. Yesterday, the index ranked 8th among the 23 industry indexes with an increase of 1.68%

Meida Co., Ltd. is the first listed nylon 6 manufacturer in China. At the same time, on March 2 this year, the Ministry of Commerce officially received the only listed company among the seven companies that submitted anti-dumping investigation applications on behalf of the domestic nylon 6 chip industry

yesterday, he called Lu Jun, the Secretary of Taiji industry, and was informed that the company's business raw materials did not contain nylon chips. Yantai spandex insiders directly said that the company had no nylon business. As of yesterday's deadline, the Secretary of MIDAS could not be contacted

Huachuang securities issued a research report yesterday, saying that Meida's annual output of nylon 6 chips is 180000 tons. It is predicted that the EPS of this year and next will be 0.18 yuan and 0.25 yuan respectively. Due to the long-term benefits of anti-dumping to the company, it is rated as "recommended to buy"

shenguojun, an analyst of China chemical fiber information nylon products, revealed that the general rise of chemical fiber stocks on Tuesday was mainly related to the early release of the anti-dumping investigation, and some suppliers have stopped shipping the product since the day before yesterday

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