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Meihe: annotate the brand with quality and rush to the new blue ocean of the automotive oil market

Meihe: annotate the brand with quality and rush to the new blue ocean of the automotive oil market

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-- an exclusive interview with Mr. huqingguang, chairman and general manager of Zhuhai Meihe Technology Co., Ltd.

combing the development of the lubricating oil industry in recent years, Zhuhai Meihe Technology Co., Ltd. is impressive. From the invisible champion in the field of industrial oil, the "jinmeihe" series of automotive oil was launched in 2011, and the new third board was successfully listed in 2015. In 2016, an independent testing and R & D center with a total investment of about 15million, covering an area of 2000 square meters, and built in strict accordance with ISO17025 International Laboratory Standards was unveiled. In 2017, "the heat-resistant temperature of jinmeihe automotive polymer materials refers to getting off at a fixed load service station" made a brilliant debut, and the development achievements of Meihe were obvious to all in the industry, Its rapid progress is often amazing. As the first portal of lubricating oil integrated into automobile and machinery genes, China lubricating oil information () recently participated in the Meihe technology factory open day activity, and interviewed Mr. Hu Qingguang, vice president of Guangdong lubricating oil industry association and chairman and general manager of Zhuhai Meihe Technology Co., Ltd., on the development trend of the industry, Meihe's development plan and brand vision

Mr. huqingguang, chairman and general manager of Zhuhai Meihe Technology Co., Ltd., and Ms. Zhu Wenxuan, deputy general manager of China Lubricant information cordially take a group photo.

as the largest private lubricant enterprise in South China, Meihe technology plant is located in the petrochemical zone of Gaolan Port Economic Zone, Zhuhai, with a total floor area of 53000 square meters, a total construction area of 22000 square meters, and a product testing and R & D center of 2000 square meters, It has 15000 cubic meters of raw material storage tanks, and the annual production capacity of lubricating oil reaches 150000 tons, which is among the best in China in many indicators

quality: the foundation of Meihe brand and the mission of the enterprise

looking back at the development history of Meihe, the strong cooperation in business is impressive. During the 18 years of operation, Meihe has successively established long-term close cooperative relations with ExxonMobil, shell, Petronas, Lubrizol, runyinglian and other world-class enterprises, and has a number of high-quality and stable customers, such as Gree, Kelon, oaks, Midea, Galanz, Hisense, Changhong, Haojue and so on. This kind of cooperation is not only an important way for Meihe to expand the market, but also a valuable resource to promote the development of enterprises

Hu Dong said that international brands attach great importance to the choice of partners, especially the three "hard strengths" of enterprise production capacity, management system and quality safety system, of which quality safety is the top priority. Meihe continues to adhere to the safety principle in its development, ensures product quality by technical means, and wins the market with brand integrity, so as to obtain the affirmation and recognition of partners. In the cooperation, the advanced management system of the other party feeds back the growth of the enterprise and drives the continuous progress of the relevant quality and management system of Meihe. At present, Meihe has passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system standard certification and iso/ts 16949, but its use in automotive plastics, aerospace plastics, biomedical plastics and plastics for electronic components is also more and more widely recognized by the quality management system of the automotive industry, so as to give back the support of customers and consumers with higher-level brand services

Crosby, an American quality management expert, once summarized quality as "the degree to which products meet specified requirements" from the perspective of producers; American quality management master Drucker believes that "quality is to meet needs". Hu Dong lamented that quality is the core competitiveness of Meihe and the gene for the sustainable development of Meihe. Sticking to quality and manufacturing with ingenuity are the fundamental guarantee for the healthy development of Meihe. The value represented by quality far exceeds the "quality" itself, and its driving effect on the enterprise brand is immeasurable. He revealed that thanks to the brand reputation brought by quality adherence to Meihe, a number of large 4S chain stores have actively communicated with Meihe and plan to conduct in-depth cooperation

in the 18 years of cooperation, Meihe has withstood the test of high-end brands in the industry, overcome many difficulties in the market, and accumulated a reliable technical force and experienced brand team. On this basis, Meihe put forward the concept of "ODM", hoping to serve the industry with excellent enterprise strength

the so-called ODM is the abbreviation of original design manufacture. It is a manufacturer that designs and produces products according to the specifications and requirements of another manufacturer according to the softening coefficient. What is the new material industry like the traditional "OEM?" There are differences in modes. Hu Dong said, "with the rise of the overall level of the domestic lubricant industry, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises need brand technology to support their products; however, due to the limited scale of enterprises, they do not know much about the key links such as technology, marketing, packaging and so on." In the face of this contradiction, Meihe provides support with its accumulated brand strength, so as to seize a broad market blue ocean, provide relevant suggestions for different customers, and provide customized differentiated products on the basis of national standards and industry standards. In view of the current overall situation of small and medium-sized oil enterprises with uneven development and poor quality awareness, Meihe will also guide customers to improve the quality management system and ensure the stability of the quality of each batch of products

in the interview, President Hu repeatedly mentioned the "quality" of the enterprise, and repeatedly stressed: "in terms of quality, the enterprise must have high self requirements. Only in this way can it get the favor of users and attract more partners. Don't think it's okay to produce several defective products in a batch. The reputation of the enterprise is accumulated through serving thousands of users!"

"heaven, earth and people": on the development philosophy of Meihe

as an excellent private lubricant enterprise in the industry, Meihe, who was born in industrial oil, has become the "invisible champion" in this field, is the designated supplier of many famous brand enterprises, and its products sell well in all walks of life. However, Meihe was not satisfied with its current achievements, and invested in the automotive oil market with great determination and perseverance. In 2011, it founded the "jinmeihe" automotive oil brand, which passed API certification, won the "lubtop2016 most craftsman Spirit Award" and other honors, and was listed as a candidate for the lubtop2017 "most popular automotive oil in China's lubricant industry" and "best smart factory in the industry". In terms of product series, Meihe has launched two series of engine oils, namely "leading" and "Weitu", offering the sincere works of the brand to the industry

Mr. huqingguang, chairman and general manager of Zhuhai Meihe Technology Co., Ltd.

looking back on the original decision to develop vehicle oil, Mr. Hu described his mental journey and shared his market operation secrets from the perspective of "heaven, earth and people". "In the development of enterprises, we should pay attention to the right time, place and people." Hu Dong said, "Heaven refers to the objective state of the market. Whether there is enough market determines the 'ability' of the enterprise; earth refers to whether the products are competitive enough and whether there are differences, which determines how far the enterprise can go."

as for "people", President Hu bluntly said, "people" refers to talents, and they are high-end marketing talents. Speaking of this, he said with great emotion: "there are many marketing personnel now, but high-end talents are very scarce. Senior marketing talents who understand brand operation and deep cultivation of channels are the most rare wealth of enterprises." Unfortunately, although entrepreneurs are well aware of the truth that "the competition in the 21st century is the competition for talents", the low starting point of private enterprises' development and limited enterprise platform have lagged behind foreign-funded enterprises and state-owned enterprises in the talent competition, which has become the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of private enterprises. "Theoretically, with heaven, earth and people, we can make efforts, but enterprises are still weak in the accumulation of resources and talents." lose at sunrise and gain at sunset. The plight of enterprise talents forces private enterprises to challenge the market, use limited resources to enhance the competitiveness of products and marketing, and go their own way. "Meihe specially invests in the internal construction of the company to create a larger development platform. Meihe attracts relevant professionals every year, and the good environment of the company makes them willing to stay. This is a rare asset of the enterprise."

"jinmeihe automobile service station": explore the market development mode and condense the hope of brand reform

as the wisdom crystallization of Meihe in the current industry mode, effectively monitoring terminal changes, adhering to customer needs, and displaying the brand market image, "jinmeihe automobile service station" automobile maintenance chain project is undoubtedly a highlight of Meihe brand development. On June 2, 2017, chairman Hu Qingguang and director Huang Hui jointly held the opening ceremony for jinmeihe automobile service station (Jida store), opening a new page in the development history of Meihe

talking about the original intention and purpose of the project, President Hu made a special interpretation. In the short term, the jinmeihe automobile service station takes the automobile oil change and maintenance as the core, so that car owners can experience the first-class maintenance environment and high-quality and efficient service, and better open the market popularity and reputation of "jinmeihe" series vehicle oil. At the same time, it also takes this opportunity to "stay close to the ground" to listen to the oil demand of car owners, and provide guidance for enterprise research and development from the perspective of industry terminals, so as to develop products more suitable for market demand

based on the main line of the industry model, President Hu divided the project of jinmeihe automobile service station into two levels. From the perspective of products, Meihe must make dealers "want to sell" jinmeihe's products and "can sell" these products. For this purpose, a large number of sales tools are needed to refine the selling points of products, help terminal operation through sales manuals, and cultivate dealers' ability to solve practical problems. On this basis, we will find ways to improve the application ability and management ability of stores, improve business efficiency, and form the final overall system in combination with Meihe product series

at the store level, Meihe pointed out the general direction of store development in the future based on the actual research. "Stores need to position themselves' what to do 'and determine their location. Our investigation found that the out of control cost of stores is mostly caused by the lack of positioning." Hu Dong said: "in addition, we also need to 'be specialized and refined'. We need to have core projects to stick to users." Looking forward to the future, Meihe will take this as the guiding principle to further develop the automotive aftermarket, create high-end store experience with more core brand businesses, and welcome the great development of jinmeihe brand

industry review:

the new era needs new development, and the new journey calls for new achievements. After 18 years of ups and downs, Meihe shoulders the mission of the enterprise itself and the industry, interprets the brand with quality, and has gone through a glorious journey in the volatile market. Inheriting the excellent quality gene, with the launch of the "jinmeihe" automotive oil series and the successful opening of the "jinmeihe automotive service station", Meihe is taking on its solemn mission to join hands with dealers and partners to rush to the new blue ocean of the automotive oil market and make a grand tribute to the advancing Chinese lubricant industry. We hope that Meihe will set sail and contribute to the transformation and upgrading of the industry and the "dream of becoming a powerful country" of the lubricant industry

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