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Meili Paper Industry fills the gap in the domestic special paper product market. Recently, elegant handbags, cute little hats, and exquisite suction boxes have oil resistance. They entered the exhibition room of Ningxia Zhongye Meili Special Paper Co., Ltd. and were attracted by the charm of special paper. Facing the severe market situation, most of China Metallurgical Meili Paper Group has begun commercial production, jointly established China Metallurgical Meili Special Paper Co., Ltd. with several domestic paper companies, and invested in the construction of the largest special paper project in China with the most product types. The total investment of the project is planned to be 195 million yuan. After the project is completed, the annual sales revenue will be 650million yuan and the profit and tax will be 192million yuan. The first phase of the project was officially put into operation in March

before June last year, Meili Paper products were in short supply, but with the onset of the financial storm, the domestic demand of the paper industry was less than 150 per package, exports shrank, and enterprise efficiency declined. For this reason, the group adjusted its strategy in time. According to the loading method of samples, it can be divided into tension compression fatigue test, zigzag fatigue test, change fatigue test, composite stress fatigue test, and Jiangxi Zehui Paper Co., Ltd. jointly established special Paper Co., Ltd. and invested in the construction of the largest domestic special paper project with the largest product categories and an annual output of 50000 tons. Special Paper Co., Ltd. has more than 20 sets of vacuum spraying machines and professional special paper production equipment for one-time pearlescent molding, which are the first in China. Its leading products are pearlescent base paper, flower paper and other more than 3000 varieties. Its product design has obtained 45 national patented technologies, filling the gap in the domestic market of more than 1000 special paper products

the person in charge of the company said that the financial crisis reduced the coated white cardboard produced by Meili from 6800 yuan to 5200 yuan per ton, and now the special paper produced by Meili is sold to 9000 yuan to 12000 yuan per ton

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