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Meichuang technology medical industry data security management plan unveiled in Hebei

in order to promote the in-depth application of high-precision and high-precision medical data security in Hebei Province and strengthen the security protection of health and medical data, recently, Hebei Information Association successfully held a data security medical data protection solution exchange meeting under the background of big data in Yiling health city. More than 60 expert leaders, including the president of Hebei Information Association and the director of the information center of Hebei Provincial Department of health, attended the meeting. Hangzhou meichuang Technology Co., Ltd., as the only data security manufacturer, shut down the test host and shared many years of experience and technology in data security protection at the meeting

in the information age, the boundaries of big data are becoming more and more blurred and open, resulting in more and more advanced means of various network hackers' attacks, showing strong purposefulness, utilitarianism and concealment. Therefore, the safety of health care data is even more difficult

xiaoaifeng, sales manager of meichuang technology, said: because patients' health and medical data are highly sensitive, they must be encrypted, stored, managed and used. Meichuang fangtongfang's solution is based on the system architecture of fangtongfang, which defines the prescription form as highly sensitive data, isolates privileged users, and authorizes access to the system through U shield; Establish a white list to verify the legitimacy of SQL statements and block illegal operations in advance; Use terminal application authentication and MD5 verification technology to prevent fake applications from logging into his system, match identity information with employee information, achieve accurate audit, and comprehensively build a unified defense system. Only specific personnel can access unified data

with the deepening of information security, more and more attention is paid to the protection of sensitive data in non production environment. In the medical industry, data desensitization in non production environment has been included in the regulatory requirements. Meichuang scientific and technological data desensitization system, to prevent data leakage, introduces innovative bottom-level and web display technology that actually continuously improves the existing scheme, and maximizes the general and business relationship between desensitized features, logic and various types of data; It also supports flexible configuration rules, automatically detects sensitive fields in the database, and quickly realizes the data delivery required by the development, testing and training system, so as to ensure that the whole system is usable, easy to use and easy to use

meichuang desensitization system

in an environment where the medical resources of the whole society are relatively tight, once the medical core system fails, it cannot provide services normally, which will not only affect the normal medical treatment of patients, but also cause serious consequences

xiaoaifeng introduction: meichuang technology's full-service disaster recovery can ensure zero loss of data. When there is a problem in the production system, the complete business, database and middleware can be migrated to the disaster recovery center at the same time. It can also implement different fine-grained switching according to different damage conditions. The switching time only takes minutes, and the switching process is simple. It only requires a mouse click. In daily work, The disaster recovery site database can also be used as a query library to share the load. At the same time, meichuang's full-service system disaster recovery can achieve full-service switching, database switching, application switching, IP address switching and other switching modes. Customers can flexibly choose the best switching mode in various scenarios

the medical industry involves people's livelihood security, and China attaches great importance to the protection of medical data and information. As a leader in the field of data security, meichuang technology will spare no effort to provide sensitive data protection solutions and disaster recovery solutions for the medical industry according to the particularity of the medical industry

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