The hottest Meile chicken contains rubber chemical

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"Melo chicken" in the United States contains rubber chemicals. McDonald's said it was not harmful to health.

comprehensive foreign media reports, McDonald's once introduced a kind of "all white meat" mcnugget. "A recent investigation found that the American mcnugget 7, refrigerant high-voltage protection switch: protect the compactor, extend the service life of the tensile testing machine, and the chicken actually contains rubber chemical components." polydimethylsilicon Jinan testing machine factory teaches you to choose the appropriate testing machine oxane according to the elongation rate ". however, McDonald's said that this chemical used in cosmetics and slime glue will not harm human health.

a spokesman for McDonald's in the United States said that the addition of polydimethylsiloxane to McNuggets was for safety reasons to prevent the cooking oil of fried chicken nuggets from foaming. According to the animal tests of the World Health Organization, this substance is harmless to human body.

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