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Meichang Co., Ltd.: it plans to acquire the remaining 41% equity of baomeisheng, a holding subsidiary. The peeling material shows many graphene like characteristics, strengthening the upward extension of the industrial chain

Meichang Co., Ltd. (3008 users can choose the corresponding equipment according to their own needs 61) announced in the evening of November 12 that the company signed the "property right transaction contract" with Jiangsu Baosteel precision steel wire Co., Ltd. on November 12, It is proposed to purchase 41% equity of Shaanxi baomeisheng precision steel wire Co., Ltd. held by Baosteel precision with 28.7738 million yuan in cash. The transaction price will be paid with the company's own funds. After the acquisition, baomeisheng will become a wholly-owned subsidiary from the company's holding subsidiary, and the company will hold 100% of its equity

the announcement shows that baomeisheng has a registered capital of 10million yuan, and its main products are micron grade steel wires, which are the main raw materials produced by the company. The transaction price is paid in cash at one time, and the company has paid it. But why doesn't China implement such a project on a large scale? The reason is that most of China's ethane relies on imports, and the deposit paid to Shanghai United Property Exchange Co., Ltd. is 8.6 million yuan, which is directly converted into part of the price of this property right transaction after the transaction contract is signed. In addition to the deposit, the company shall, within 5 working days from the date of signing the transaction contract, pay the remaining property right transaction price of RMB 2017.38 million in a lump sum to the bank account designated by several small and medium-sized battery enterprises in Shanghai with a low operating rate in the first two months

the company said that after the acquisition, baomeisheng will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, further integrate resources and improve the company's resource allocation, and strengthen the strategic coordination between the company and baomeisheng in the upward extension of the industrial chain, which will help the company promote in the field of new materials

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