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Meida Co., Ltd.: create the strongest and largest nylon production base in China

create the strongest and largest nylon production base in China

Meida Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the domestic nylon industry, and its slicing and spinning capacity ranks first in China. Nylon is mainly used in the manufacture of engineering plastics, nylon clothing, precision components, precision mechanical parts, etc. because of its high wear resistance, fatigue resistance, good dyeing properties and other characteristics

so far, the company has completed more than 20 national, provincial and municipal scientific research and development projects, more than 30 new products independently developed by the company, and 8 patent authorization applications. Among them, the cold resistant and high impact composite materials and nylon 8 full matting Fay fibers developed in recent three years have been recognized as national key products by the Ministry of technology

at present, Meida Co., Ltd. has 3500 employees, with an annual output of nearly 200000 tons of nylon 6 chips, 70000 tons of filaments, 4800 tons of high-end knitted fabrics, and an annual output value of about 5billion yuan. In addition to Xinhui headquarters, Meida shares also has three subsidiaries, Sichuan Nanchong Meihua, Hunan Changde Meihua and Heshan Meihua. Meida's goal is to build the strongest and largest nylon base in China

face to face with listed companies

investors: the company has no pricing power in the supply of raw materials. Will the price rise of raw materials, especially caprolactam, affect the price of the company's main products

Meida shares: at present, the price fluctuation of the company's product caprolactam and petroleum raw materials is not positively related. In fact, the price fluctuation of caprolactam is affected by many factors, and the fluctuation of raw material price is only one of them. Take oscilloscope as an example

taking this year as an example, the oil price is far lower than that in 2008, but the price of caprolactam is close to the historical high in 2008. The influence of oil on caprolactam is more a psychological factor. Another factor is the relationship between supply and demand. For example, when demand is strong, the demand of downstream manufacturers will promote the production of slicers. The above factors will jointly affect the price of caprolactam

in terms of the current global distribution of caprolactam, it is mainly distributed in the Netherlands, Japan and other places, and the supply of caprolactam in mainland China is only second. In 2009, the domestic production of caprolactam was about 340000 tons, while the growth abroad was very limited, but the domestic demand increased unabated. The change of seasons will also indirectly affect the production of caprolactam in Europe

according to the current situation, the supply of caprolactam is the core problem that restricts the company from further improving quality, and it is also a problem that the company is difficult to control. In fact, this is not only a problem faced by the company, but also a problem that the entire industry has to face. The repeated changes of national policies in the industry also reflect the special status of this product in chemical fiber. From the perspective of our company, we hope that the price of caprolactam can remain stable, so as to maintain the high density of new materials and technologies operated by the company, the development is changing with each passing day, and the cost is stable and controlled

investors: on April 22, the Ministry of Commerce announced that it would file an investigation on imported caprolactam originating in the United States, the European Union and other places. How much impact will this announcement have on the company's performance

Meida Co., Ltd.: when the Ministry of Commerce announced the announcement, the company has issued relevant announcements on changes in macro policies for production and operation. Last year, China's import dependence on caprolactam was about 64%, especially the high-quality caprolactam raw materials are basically dependent on foreign imports. In this context, if the final ruling of anti-dumping is established, it should have a negative impact on the healthy development of the company and the upstream and downstream of nylon

investors: it is reported that Midas will receive the asset injection from the major shareholder Guangdong Tianjian Industrial Group Co., Ltd. does the company have any plans in this regard

Meida shares: major shareholders will certainly support things that are conducive to the development of the company. As for whether the major shareholders have injected assets, the company has clarified for many times. If the company obtains the asset injection from the major shareholders, it will make an announcement according to the regulations and customized materials

there are considerable bubbles in the sample. Investors' experience exchange - positive evaluation of the company

investor Mr. Zhang: manufacturing is a midstream industry, and Chinese manufacturing enterprises are trying to seek development. To develop, we need to find the right target and the way of resource integration, and strengthen monopoly. The idea of Meida is to become stronger and bigger. As investors, we believe that the company should also look at Asia and emerging markets. For Meida Co., Ltd., we believe that there are investment opportunities in the short term. The key lies in the management of the company team and the support of the local government of Xinhui

investor Mr. Chen: Recently, due to the continuous rise in the price of cotton, through the exchange with the company's executives, we learned that the company is committed to product development and improve the added value of products. On the whole, our evaluation of the company is positive. In addition, this "entering Guangdong listed companies" gives investors the opportunity to visit listed companies in person and understand the company's first-hand information. Such activities are very meaningful

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