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Meihua environment-friendly water-based ink

Kunshan Meihua ink coating Co., Ltd. has launched the printing environment-friendly water-based ink w EVA, which can be used for printing EVA leather products, PU leather, cotton cloth, chemical fiber cloth and other materials. It has the characteristics of smooth and soft surface, pure color, strong adhesion, excellent over leveling and so on

the ink does not contain organic solvents such as NVP, and meets the e n - 71 standard for heavy metal detection in toys

40 ~ 80 target plates can be selected for printing, and the surface can be dried in 5 ~ 15 minutes. Pure water (deionized water) can be used as diluent. Different proportion of curing agent can be added according to the fabric to improve the adhesion and friction resistance of the ink. Every 1kg of experimental equipment should be able to meet the requirements of wire winding around mandrel and ink winding, and about 25 ~ 35 m2 of products can be printed

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