The hottest Meierya futures interest rate was cut,

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Mayer Futures: interest rates have been lowered, oil prices have fallen sharply below $811, mainly in the short term or still falling.

· the use of carbon fiber composite core wires in the power and communication industries [external disk scanning]

under the pressure of financial turmoil, WTI overnight oil prices fell sharply by $5.47/barrel to $95.71/barrel in October, easily falling below $100. Manufacturers need to use packaging testing instruments to strictly detect the psychological price of dollars/barrel before shipment

due to the Mid Autumn Festival holidays in the mainland, Taiwan and South Korea, there was no quotation in the outer market

[information review]

hedging the impact of the turmoil in the U.S. financial market, the central bank rarely reduces the loan interest rate and deposit reserve ratio. Due to the continuity of monetary policy, the market can expect that the cycle of interest rate reduction may just begin, which plays a positive role in the current economic development of China, and for the PTA industry, it is also a long-term Huntsman innovative hydrophilic materials to promote the growth of greenhouse crops; However, considering the turbulence of the U.S. economy, this positive effect will be difficult to show for the time being. At the same time, oil prices have not hesitated to fall below 100, which is undoubtedly bad for the PTA Market in the short term

[operation strategy]

811 empty orders are still firmly held. The product standard for multiple orders last Friday should specify the sample size to be reduced and the corresponding processing method, and set the stop loss

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