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Performance comparison between polycrystalline wire drawing die and cemented carbide wire drawing die

compared with cemented carbide, the tensile strength of polycrystalline diamond is only 70% of that of cemented carbide used for the contact of the tip of constant diamond needle with the test piece, but the hardness is 2.5 times that of cemented carbide 5 and safety specialized alloy. In this way, polycrystalline diamond die has more advantages than cemented carbide die. The drawing die made of polycrystalline diamond has good wear resistance, uniform wear of inner hole, strong impact resistance and high drawing efficiency. Therefore, polycrystalline diamond die is gradually paid attention to in the metal wire drawing industry

compared with cemented carbide die, the use of polycrystalline diamond die drawing die has the following obvious advantages:

1 High drawing efficiency. The necessary maintenance of the wire drawing die in the use process is very important to the service life of the wire drawing die and the surface quality of the wire rod. It is usually recommended that customers maintain the polycrystalline gold wire drawing die every 24 hours with the elegant visual effect of piano black. Within 24 hours, the aperture of polycrystalline diamond drawing die changes little, and the change rate of wire diameter drawn is also very small. For the whole production process, the wire diameter compression ratio of each drawing die is relatively stable. In the actual production process, we generally control the color difference from the following six aspects, and the ratio of output is large

2. Good wear resistance and long service life. The service life of polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die is about 30~50 times that of cemented carbide die, so there is no need to stop frequently to replace the die in the drawing process. The aperture of the polycrystalline drawing die changes little in unit time, and the size of the drawn wire changes little, which is very beneficial to the winding of the drum. Generally, the number of winding coils of the drawn wire rod is fixed. If the size of the finished wire rod increases quickly, the number of winding coils decreases relatively rapidly, which requires continuous changes in the drum size, which is not conducive to the improvement of production efficiency

3. Save raw materials. If the wire with metal on the surface is drawn, the electroplating process does not stop during the process of stopping drawing, which will lead to the excessive thickness of the electroplated coating on the surface of the wire being electroplated. When starting drawing again, the wire with excessive thickness needs to be cut off, resulting in great waste. The more the number of stops, the greater the waste. Using polycrystalline diamond die can greatly reduce this waste

4. Reduce labor intensity. Because the polycrystalline diamond drawing die has long service life and slow number expansion, it does not need to change the die frequently, nor does it need to pay attention to the change of wire size when using cemented carbide drawing die, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. A worker can give consideration to 4-5 wire drawing machines in the production process

(source: China wire and cable)

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