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Sinopec ethylene raw material performance evaluation consumption reduction gain

as of the end of August, according to the needs of ethylene cracking units in Daqing, Fushun, Liaoyang, Jilin, Lanzhou, Dushanzi and other places, Sinopec Petrochemical Research Institute has completed the cracking performance evaluation of 32 kinds of raw materials, and conducted 76 on-site calibrations on 14 cracking furnaces, providing technical support for refining and chemical industry, whose calculation formula is: enterprise ethylene raw material optimization

with the shortage of oil resources that firmly fix the hammer body and handle on the tensile testing machine and the heavy and inferior oil products, the diversification of ethylene raw materials has become an important bottleneck affecting refining and chemical production. In order to help enterprises realize the high-quality operation of cracking units, the Research Institute of petrochemical industry has made every effort to do a good job in the evaluation of ethylene raw materials and provide technical services for enterprises

in view of the characteristics of Liaoyang Petrochemical's 200000 t/a ethylene plant, such as various types of cracking furnaces, various types of cracking raw materials, and large quality differences, the Petrochemical Research Institute and Liaoyang Petrochemical jointly conducted operation optimization experiments on the cracking furnace. They adopted cascade control, increased cracking depth and other measures to realize the centralized processing of self-produced ethane and aromatic tail gas, and the comprehensive energy consumption of ethylene decreased by 7.5%

in order to solve the problem of shortage of ethylene raw materials, sharp increase in outsourcing and complex and changeable quality of Lanzhou Petrochemical, the Research Institute of petrochemical industry and Lanzhou Petrochemical cooperated to evaluate the cracking performance of more than ten kinds of raw materials that are not convenient for hardness test, and determine the best cracking conditions, which provides a reliable basis for enterprises to formulate raw material plans and reasonably adjust the cracking conditions of various raw materials. On this basis, they optimized the operation of the cracking furnace to increase the proportion of naphtha and light hydrocarbon in ethylene raw materials by 2.38 and 0.93 percentage points respectively

after optimizing the raw materials and operation of Daqing Petrochemical cracking furnace, the Petrochemical Research Institute also reduced the energy consumption of the company by 36.73 kg standard oil/ton of ethylene

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